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Hello, I'm new to mudbox so bare with me. I have two questions.
1) How do I extend a bust primitive to make the rest of the body? With the grab brush I'm stretching the topology. I don't want to add a new object, I want to extend the current but with a not stretched topology.
2)I chose mudbox over zbrush cause I read rumors in cgpersia that Autodesk with show some love to mudbox 2019 with a huge team of artists and programmers and specifically "we won't believe in our eyes". I don't know if it is just a rumor, or a marketing trick... but I got the bait. I want to grow some knowledge and practice in 2018 so I ll be ready next year for the 2019 release. What do you think?
>What do you think?
download zbrush
on a month-old thread a guy suggested me to forget zbrush and download mudbox. Just make up your minds you guys!
>I don't know if it is just a rumor, or a marketing trick... but I got the bait.
It's fucking Autodesk, I would be surprised beyond belief if they ever made a significant update to literally anything they develop.
I can't answer your question as I never used Mudbox, it always seemed to be something of a dark horse compared to ZBrush.
Mudbox is a very simple application
It has some advanced features hidden inside (the opposite of zbrush)
It's great for beginners and people that just want to do some touch up work
Sounds like they plan on making it more like z brush

About your question on how to add the bust to a body

>Export to 3dsmax
>Import object to merge with scene
>Import a default body
>Delete all bottom polygons of the bust
>Select border
>Allign to z
>Attach to body
>Delete the bodys head
>Bridge both borders
I'd recommend trying both and coming to a conclusion yourself. I personally took the zbrush route, but you might find you prefer Mudbox.
Concept in zbrush
Finish in mudbox

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