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I finally got a 3d printer a few days ago. I have it set up and I printed a few items from thingiverse.I want to make my own models to print, but the only cad experience I have is in Rhinoceros 5, from a course I took late in High School. I got pretty experienced with it, and all the open source software I've tried doesn't feel the same, or have the same tools as Rhino. Any help?
What do you want to print?
Rhino is good for printing
I just want to have some kind of cad software similar to rhino so if I ever want to model something and print it, I can do it easily without having to re-learn everything
Why not use Rhino then?
Try Form Z Free or Rhino's price is pretty reasonable. Choose to support the good work they do!
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>pretty reasonable
Point being?
That it's not reasonable. Are you a bit slow?
if your still studying you can get an educational licence, its about $200. the only difference from the commercial one is that you can't sell or transfer it, otherwise you can use it for anything, including commercial work.

otherwise cgpeers
most other packages cost twice that

also >>575953
you also keep your student license forever

Rhino is pretty bad for CG stuff tho. I would recommend to learn polymodeling first.
But for 3D printing its decent

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