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In Maya, how do I mirror over a control curve with driven keys on a rigged model?

I've got a simple bipedal model I'm working on, and I just finished rigging finger curl and grabbing animations on each finger on the left side. I've driven the keys for the animations through a control curve which the hand is constrained to so that it follows it as it moves. How do I copy all of this over to the other side? I've copied the geometry, joints, and skin weights over, but I don't know how I can copy driven keys, or curves that contain controllers for driven keys. I think this can be done through a script but I'm having a hard time finding a script or a good method for doing this in Maya. I've already mirrored the curve and all the attributes for it over, so I pretty much just need to drive keys on the opposite side now.

Everything I've done is properly labeled, the joints on the right side are prefixed with "Right", left is prefixed with "Left". That's the only labeling difference. I'm using Maya 2017.

Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks.
This requires some scripting. Search for sdk copy mirror on Highend3d to get started

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