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I randomly noticed paint3d on my laptop and tried it out...this shit is hard lol

I have a background in Spriting(OC on the left) but 3dcg is a whole different game, obviously. Working with depth really makes things interesting.

I went to models resource and downloaded a model and it comes up fine without th textures...i downloaded Ness.

I was watching videos online of people creating stuff and they used different software that brought up things like grids...for example, the guy was able to delete a section of a cylinder, something that just isn't easily done in Paint3d as far as i know. I've also seen people add skeleton lines that allow them to bend certain areas..also not easy in paint3d.

Based on what i've played around with, you can make N64. PS1. and Dreamcast models with Paint3d...you know, really blocky, and not too complex, which is fine with me...

This really puts into perspective how groundbreaking the PS1 and N64 were, cause up until then we only really had 2.5d games like Doom.

You guys think they'll update Paint3d or we gotta wait for the next Windows update?

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