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File: hammer.jpg (833 KB, 1920x1080)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
What do ya faggots think? Right now it's just one part to a bigger scene. /3/'s a relatively slow board so I might be able to finish the rest of the scene and post it in time.
>hammer head
too shiny.
>hammer handle
normal map is too strong.
Looks good. I think there's something off about the handle though. Maybe it's too glossy.
> head: as others said: too shiny. Also the weathering, rust and such doesn't make sense at all. Get some references. And UV properly, it seems that the texturing is procedural. (even if it's not)

>handle: looks like it's about 100 years old. Like if it would brake as soon as you lift it. Bark beetle fest.
>where they meet: looks like you just sticked the handle in the head, and haven't really modelled the hole there.

Also, why are you keeping your weathered hammer on a pristine marble-is kithcen counter? Which has some normal map artefacts on those large lighter splotches.

To sum up: there are three parts in this image, and none of them matches up with the other two.
Other than differing stylistic tastes I don't really see anything wrong with it. Would be interesting to see the full composition.
File: hammer.jpg (1.97 MB, 3648x2736)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
You fags amase me, this hammer is beyond retarded and none of you fags pointed why. 3D "photorealistic" artists like you fag are stupid as fuck. How hard is it to get a hammer(if you don't have a hammer go fuck yourself, fag), take a photo of it and try to recreate to learn how materials in real life work.
A hammer, something so simple, yet so complex to recreate material wise, especially a used one.
First on whats wrong with your "hammer".
It's chipped on the side face, which makes no sense, somebody hit with that hammer on a sharp edge and hit it with the super thin far part of the front face? The surface is rough, yet the colour points to a new hammer, new hammers are either milled or forged, either way, yours looks like rats have bit their tiny teeth into it, scratches and shit.
Now let's get to what first grabs the eye, the handle, if you strike once with that handle, your hand will be full of wood splinters, tool handles, be it hammer or a broom or cooking utensils are brushed to be smooth, some are even lacquered, the hammer in my picture used to be lacquered.
By the way, your shine amount is perfect. Don't listen to those retards.

Some tips:
For the metal material decide the age of the hammer, the hammer in my pic is 20 years old, that's why its so rusted, but hammers don't rust easily, cause usually they are kept in tool boxes or drawers.
The front striking face of the hammer is usually fucked up, chips, scratches, constantly exposed unoxidized metal.
Nobody does cylindrical handles for hammers anymore, you know why? Cause those handles tend to rotate the hammer hand around the handle, you need this profile
Final tip is over exaggerate if you want to, but you understand what you are doing. For photorealistic shit, always get a reference and try to recreate it, try to understand how things work, how materials work.
Can someone psychoanalytically break down for me what makes people on /3/ so prone to this type of bitter, perpetually mad demeanor?
>what makes people on 4chan so prone to this type of bitter, perpetually mad demeanor?
fixd. and the answer is weaponized autism
It's a type of brutal and extreme constructive criticism. It's mainly used by men towards men, cause of how men react. It instills domination, good for teaching, it also forces intrigue towards learning, because the subject will feel angered towards the teacher and try to oppose him, but will learn that what he was taught(corrected) was factual and based in reality, this in turn will make the subject eager to learn about the topic.

Fortunately for me, I've had a few male teachers in my life, because even in my country teachers are mostly women, whose speech patterns I've tried to break down, cause their classes were just fun to be in.
Listen you fool. Those are not the speech patterns of a collected, dominant male with presence and intellect. They are the speech patterns of a bitter person venting his frustrations over the internet. Don't even try to posit to me that completely losing your shit and going on an autistic tirade over a completely inconsequential subject reflects the cool composure and dominant presence of an alpha male tutor.

I've had great teachers too and they never freaked out. That's what made them so respectable. They would punish insubordination and demand respect, but they wouldn't flail their arms at you and blow their top like some retard. You need to work on your assessment of human character a bit.
>>575275 was on point and didn't even spend that much time calling OP a faggot. Even rose a bunch of valid points (cylindrical vs square joint, handle finish) specific to hammers so you know he knows his shit.

You guys are lazy fucks, if you come to 4chan for critique and get offended when the only valuable critique is mildly rude, go post on polycount or something.
OP here, I think his ( >>575275 ) criticism is more than valid. Maybe I should mention this is my second ever "OC" if you will. So please stop making assumptions that I cannot take criticism. I would not of posted here if I didn't think I would get any out of it. I'm very appreciative for the tips.
Wasn't necessarily thinking of you, no worries. The people who acted like whiny retards and disrespected hammer bro know who they are.
Please don't assume I was speaking on your behalf when I asked why the guy was being uncouth.
From your comments in this thread, I will allow myself the liberty of assuming you're a giant faggot.
bc the wood,grain is too small
I'm not a faggot !!!!
Head is too shiny, material seems to be a little bit off. It looks like it's made out of some kind of dough, or gray dog shit. Also despite some scratches on texture, it looks quite fresh, undeformed, unused too much.

The handle looks really old, normals are too strong.

In general it looks like you have a relatively new hammer head with really old dry handle. The fact that they both fit each other perfectly is very unrealistic. Normally if you use hammer a lot, the wood just gets pressed and deforms if not greaks, the hammer head tends to fall out after a while, the connection is getting more and more loose. Just try doing some honest work once in your life and see how tools work irl yourself.

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