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I'm modeling scene for animation to pass my diploma. My friend told me I could twich it so I thought why not? I'm not sure, because I think my modeling skills are not that good from what I've seen others do, but anyways... here is my transmision, feel free to write comments, maybe that could speed up my progress.

I need to model old town square (one side view) with 2 boarders left right))) then the same square but destroyed (war), and then rebuild, with some modern elements... There will be also a statue of a writer, tank, couple of people, and 2 rooms on each side of a square. Well thats basicly it.
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twitch tv / loquiman
>statue of a writer, tank, couple of people
can the writer be hitler?
the writer should be hitler.
it only improves grades.
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Yeah Hitler would be nice but I think they wouldn't understand...

In middle of the animation when war happens there is a tank which shoots at the statue behind which soldiers hide. The statue should be more like protector... maybe woman idk ... Then by the end, the girl or boy who saw that explosion, sees that the statue has not been rebuilt, and decides to wear statue costume and pretend to be that statue to honor the memory bla bla Wubba lubba dub-dub!

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