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>tfw everyone is hating on Maya but i actually like it

Whats wrong with it? I am using the 2017 version as my first Maya version and i only went to it because people recommended me starting from the "hardest" program to learn so i can switch between them easily. And now i actually work faster and prefer Maya more after like 2 days of using it(I used earlier Blender and C4D). It only crashed once and that was because i was just checking the functions like a retard clicking everything. Am i in the wrong here for using it without sperging on Autodesk forums about it?
Nobody but /3/tards / blenderfags are hating on Maya.

Read the comments

I didn't even know Maya 2018 was a thing. I thought they had finally ditched the new version every year meme. This videos are hilariously shit. It's crazy how Autodesk always manage to make the most unappealing characters possible for their demos.

So, 2018 looks like it should just be a new service pack for 2017, but it doesn't look bad. It's still an improvement - just unnecessary.
The time of one big release per year is over. From here on its small little new things and updates every service pack to justify their subscription model.
But yeah giving the fact that this release is like 90% bug fixes it should be an service pack without introducing new bugs into the program.
(ahahahaha who am i kidding, is not going to work like this).
Everyone who likes Maya is too busy producing work and getting paid to sit around being shitty on /3/ complaining about other people's software
meh, maya is great but their lifecycle model is retarded, they are hellbent on releasing a new version each year when the new features would at most warrant a service pack
Good thing 99% of the people using Maya just crack every new version when it comes out.
>Whats wrong with it?
what's wrong with it it has become bug ridden bloatware with new plugins being added yearly to a 90s legacy code base (not much different with 3ds Max though). And no, I'm not a Blenderfag like most retarded 15 year olds here.

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