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File: 39Z1133 - Imgur.gif (244 KB, 540x540)
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I want to start writing my own dither shaders to achieve rendered results like pic related. Do any of you know any good resources to start learning how to do this?
i have no idea of programming shader but i would start from here:

go to shadertoy.com
thats a whole other language
its all the same, if you know C and graphics theory, languages don't matter
sounds like a whole other thing
ask this guy, he recreated exactly what you have in your pic
File: bwstripe.jpg (183 KB, 640x480)
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183 KB JPG
If you're looking for something like this, it's in the Povray demo files. It consists of adding a triangle wave noise pattern to the image and then boosting the contrast.
Get http://povray.org/ it's free, very useful and you don't have to learn "C and graphics theory" (whatever that is supposed to be) from that guy above.
This is helpful, thanks. Ill probably use this.

However, I really want to know how to make something like this myself -- I guess learning some C is the first step eh?
easiest to learn on unity

unity already deal with context for u so u can jump straight to coding

ull b writing in hlsl tho

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