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How do you guys study something new by your own?

>Downloaded some modeling/rendering tutorials
>Have dual screen, play video on one, follow steps in the other while writing down notes on a paper
>15 minutes of the video - 1 real time hour
>not sure if this is a proper workflow, I didnt work like this before

How can I learn a 10 hours tutorial? This is going to take ages
I have vacation now so i just dropped everything and i am studying Maya 24/7.
I do the same thing but I don't write any notes. Don't need to and it slows down the process even more. If I forget a thing here and there, I can easily go through that part of video to remind myself.
i usually do the same exept for the notes and i have a 25min to 1h ratio.

But even if 15min of video takes you 1 hour irl that would make 40h for an entire tutorial, basically a week worth of work for something that will stay with you for the rest of your career. Pretty good if you ask me
>covered head to toe in functional attire
>can't forget the boob window

on topic: I watch a video as far as i think i can remember, do that much work, don't refer back to the video unless i know for sure i am completely stuck/lost. Taking notes is fucking pointless, just start a new tutorial and the more you do the more you retain.
Thats what you call functional?

>not having a bit of fun with your models
shiggy diggy

I have to say, taking notes is something I should do more ... Going through 50 tutorials I have on my HDD to find one thing I forgot where to search for ... not productive.

Other than that, you should probably be a bit faster, since I do about the same time on one screen.
I don't follow tutorials word for word I just get a gist of it and apply it to my own projects. Personal projects help drill it in.
I just start making something and apply stuff I learned to it until it just comes naturally without any tutorials or notes.
>15 minutes of the video - 1 real time hour
Completely normal, just means there's a lot for you to learn. As you learn more, you'll be able to follow along quickly until you get to the new parts
>having a bit of fun
That's just tacky though.
i wish i had patience to actually study 3D, i rather just do shitty models
virgin cuck
woman confirmed

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