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aka.Digital Tutors, worth it if i want to learn and learn and learn?
There's some good tutorials there but shits way too expensive for what it provides.
It's mostly (entirely) beginner shit, but if you're the average /3/ user, by god do you need beginner shit.
I got it and leaened alot
Its got some advanced stuff if you dig deep enough
they improved alot compared to last year
Ive learned alot from pluralsight, well worth the money if you have the time. However consider trying it out fee for 3 months by following this thread.

I've used lynda and its quite good, i assume the prices are similar
What courses would you recommend? Is there anything good for unreal engine?
The Unreal Engine stuff is garbage, you're better off just following Epic's tutorials and other free Youtube tutorials.

I used Pluralsight for a couple of months for some basic stuff but other than that it's really not worth it imo. I don't like the teaching style of the tutors I watched (they teach step by step and not much concept stuff). Not to mention if you get into really specialised stuff, like Houdini in my case, there is barely anything and if there is there's a 90% chance it's outdated.
If i could start over than i would start with maya, but i continued learning the pipeline from 3ds max.

I would learn the basics of everything, and depending on what you want to do investigate farther and stick with a niche.

Character Artist Animator
Modeling, Sculpting, Retopology, Unwrapping, Skinning, Rigging, Animating -> Game Engine setup

Environmental Artist might have less emphasize on animating, and more emphasize on modeling. etc..

In my opinion, the pipeline is going to continue evolving because of AI and computing power, where as things such as creating different level of details, and unwrapping might become phased out over time.
Choose your Battles and stick to the fundamentals, maybe pick up a math book and programming concepts as well.
>Math book
What, why?
Just torrent. Every single tutorial I've ever wanted has been available to pirate.

It's "Fun", You'll learn more about the medium which you are creating your art. Picking up additional skills that are more flexible for other work.

The tools used to create 3D content might be completely different later then what they are today.

It doesn't have to be that way, and i might be criticized for, "taking away the art", But in my view being able to leverage the machines to your advantage is more efficient.

The models we create are static, yet the world is dynamic and explained through mathematics.

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