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>People still waste time with rendering engines to render one frame in 10 hours when they can just use Unreal Engine and get it in real time with "similar" results


And most of this is at 60+fps, you can crank it up so it goes to 25~30 for it look much better(its not like it matters in animation)
>presents UE4 as if its an alternative for render engines
>can't even make a mirror in UE4
kek. lemme know when UE4 can handle some baby steps
Literally 5 min in fucking After effects or Nuke to fix this. Pretty worth when you dont waste 5 days in rendering
File: pepe laugh hard.jpg (55 KB, 258x360)
55 KB
>no realtime raytraced GI
>crappy inaccurate ambient occlusions everywhere
>no decent fluid simulation like fire or smoke
>you wait for hours for a large scene to lightbake
>even then you get lightmap bleeding everywhere
>lightmaps are static and if you move 1 thing, you rebake everything all over again for hours
>backface reflections are horrible
>even screenspace reflections are too noisy and inaccurate
>transparency sorting issues
>list goes forever

Good luck shitting out crappy UE4 renders and waiting for days infront of youtube, begging to get a thousand views for it. I'll go with the industry giants who use real products like renderman, arnold and mentalray for the million dollar blockbuster movies they create.
Anon we are talking about one man projecta not studios with thousands od render farms
yeah, the UE4 problems I listed above don't magically dissapear when you're working alone on personal projects.
But it makes making a 20-30 min CGI film actually achievable. Hell even a full lenght one. Something looking a bit better than that boy demo they have can actually easily pass as an indie cgi movie.
I work with freelancers who think like you once in a while and believe me, their results are FAR from being close to quality of a renderer like Arnold or Vray. inb4 they are bad; just don't pretend that each software/pipeline doesnt have its own purpose.

When I want good results I use renderman or at worst, arnold.

Ue4 is trash.
Kinda offtopic, but a quick question - I want to try Renderman, I see that it is free for non-commercial use. I have 3ds and Blender, is compatible with one of those, or should I download Maya as well (I have a student license)? And does this mean I will have to learn material/shader workflow for this AGAIN? Is it even worth it if I have (pirated) Vray and Arnold with max 2018? Arnold is slow as fuck for me, though.
You need Maya
No need to learn any new principles about materials, shading, or lighting again, but you'll for sure need to learn the specificities (settings, workflow, etc.) of Maya and Renderman regarding those things. Personally I hate shading and rendering in Maya, but I'm sure it's worth it - Renderman is amazing. Lot of work ahead!
Why would I waste time importing my shit into UE4 when I could just use Blender's EEVEE directly in my modeler? Proprietary cucks will never know this realtime beauty.

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