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File: 9080041_xxlg_0.jpg (39 KB, 500x500)
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A friend of mine wants to get into 3D modeling, but he only has 200$.
He wants to use software like ZBrush, 3DSMax and Maya. Since he has little money, we've decided to buy old and used hardware off of ebay.
The hardware we've chosen are as follows:
Dell Precision T3400 (Q6700)
8GBs of RAM
GTX 560 1GB.
not gonna cut it
what would work for 200$
How about a cheap quadro?
Q6700 is a 4-core non-HT 2.66Ghz part, expect massive lag if you try to run modern versions of any of these softwares on it.
8GB RAM is going to be maxed out and hitting the page file all the time.
GTX560 is Fermi, so expect house fires, and again 1GB VRAM is going to get maxed out all the time and possibly cause crashes.
Quadros are a meme for the most part, if you can barely afford decent base hardware, you definitely don't want to spend extra on validated hardware.

Just save up for something decent and maybe pitch in a little if you're really a friend, shit hardware is only going to kill a persons desire to continue working in a selected medium, because it'll misrepresent the results you can achieve for a given amount of effort.
Having realtime feedback of end-results on a decent system is a complete paradigm shift from having to wait 10 minutes for a 1/4 resolution blurry pre-render just to see what your shaders are doing.
id say if you can find i5 2500k for cheap get it, it's fantastic processor and I can't see it get obsolete any time soon.

8gb of ram can be enough, its dirt cheap to upgrade later.
my pc at work has 570 so you can run beginner stuff easy for a year or two until its time to upgrade.

Honestly it could work. Your first shit is gonna be shit anyway and not hog all the resources.
File: 1482015334942.jpg (8 KB, 184x184)
8 KB
git gud, use blender (that stuff works on even pentium 3s) have a great idea and make an awesome low poly adventure game, sell it and make enough money to get a better machine.

a poor man can't be a chooser.
>core 2
why doesn't he / you just get a job?
Just use older versions of the software and it's gonna work fine. People did 3D modeling 10 years ago on 10 year old hardware. Just limit the poly count / subdivisions to match the hardware.
he should get a job. I easily make $100 a day doing basic labor.
>easily $100 a day doing basic labor
Lucky motherfucker, I do under the table CONSTRUCTION and I get paid less than 80 a day.

I hate everything
are you an illegal brazilian or something
Nope, just black.

I rip up carpet and lay pre-made wood floors. $700 a job in 2 days. 3 days if large job.
I do that too, I do roofing, siding, windows, paint, and fucking interior work such as putting in new carpets and shit.

Plus when we're siding big ass houses, or going on roofs, no harnesses.
File: 1301668435453.jpg (8 KB, 230x251)
8 KB

You should make use of that huge virtue signaling trend nowadays and send applications to companies with a female boss. You will be successful.
File: 872.jpg (41 KB, 460x455)
41 KB
>no harnesses.
>risking your life for your cheap ass boss
so you make less than $80 per day doing all that shit? Lets see here : 80 / 8 hrs = $10hr. Here, we have separate companies do those things. One company specifically only does roofing, one only paints, one only does carpets. If you're doing all of it, you're not good at any of it. And making $10/hr well, that proves it.

I started at $16 doing one specific thing and its not roofing. Thats for brazilians and mexicans....there must be something you're not telling that keeps you from switching companies
It's not a company, it's a guys business, that's why it's under the table.

He's been doing it for like 40 something years and charges like 60% of what other people charge, literally while we're doing jobs, 5 people will stop by in one day and give us more and more work, the good thing is that we get a ton of hours and the boss is cool and will let you have a day off anytime you want, not that I do since he pays trash and I need all the hours I can get.

And I do great work, nobody complains, every homeowner we do is very nice and always offers food, drink, sometimes even gifts that they were just gonna throw away.

I don't really have a choice but to work with him since every time I put an application in, nobody gives me any work, and since I don't wanna be that black stereotype of unemployed drug dealing bum, I just suck it up and work.
I go into peoples homes and do a good job. I make $19/hr now, and if the boss sends me out to do jobs on my own I get good tips from the male homeowners. Females dont tip.

I dont even want more hours because I'm working on my 3D at home you feel me. Get your shit together man.
File: 1501225679448.jpg (101 KB, 600x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
...Really? Get my shit together?
What more do I gotta do? I have a bachelors, I have a current job with experience in grocery stores, construction, even machinery, and I have no criminal history, and fill out those applications like a rocket scientist, filled to the brim with experience, references, and can do an interview like nobodies business.

How is it my fault that people just ain't giving me the time of day?
I never pull the black card, but many friends tell me that the white man is going hard on us hardworking black men, they don't wanna see us succeed, you could very well argue that with my situation.
Additionally your taxes and Obamacare or Trump care is going to be non existent if you get paid under the table
Have there really been any notable games on Blender besides yo frankie?
Trust me man, 8GB won't work with processor intensive programs like Maya or zBrush. Learned that the hard way when Maya kept freezing.
I don't think any end-users are autistic enough to give a shit about what 3d software they used. There probably are some, but why would you even mention it?
Also the only reason Yo Frankie is mentioned is because they actually used that PoS they call a game engine.
There have been indie games that used blender. But again, they don't advertise it because, nobody gives a shit.
And neither do I, I never used the game engine, nor ever considered using it.

And before anyone asks, I've also had Blender freeze up on my computer or crash while in the middle of a project every now and again. So 8GB really isn't all that great in the long run when it comes to 3D.
Considering the fact that win7 eats up 2-3GB of that RAM and W10 maybe 1.7 you effectively have ~6 left.
I am getting problems with 16 when having more than 3 heavy programs open, so its better to have even more.
I used to run blender on a duo core laptop with only 4GB of memory. It depends on what you're doing.
File: RAM.png (19 KB, 280x23)
19 KB
Actually, I have about 7.5 usable gigs of RAM

Pic related, of course.

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