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File: Render-1.jpg (20 KB, 633x475)
20 KB
thoughts ?
nice photo
this just goes to show how inaccurate shadows are in render engines
Y'know I could have believed you that this was an actual render if the filename wasn't so obviously fabricated, dumbo.
you should've givven us 340x250 pixels and then we'd r8 with da b8
I really name my renders this way after I render them why is this a give away
Whatever it is it looks like the moment just after the atom bomb went off in Hiroshima. Really depressing. The subject is worthless. Every second you've spent on it, is a seconod you'll never get back and nobody is going to love you for it. Find another hobby.
You're a fucking retard. It's a photograph, it looks blown out because the automatic camera did a shit job adjusting for the daylight coming through the window.

Stop posting on this forum.
I think he started samefagging after his troll failed miserably
op here,
this is my only post in this thread
File: capture.png (32 KB, 321x258)
32 KB
not a render.
What's wrong with you? There's something with you, right?
Reminder that 90% of criticism/advice on /3/ should be discarded and people like these are why.
>90% of the criticism I get tell how shitty my work is
no surprise there lmao
I feel like you can tell the light is shining directly into the room from the window. It doesn't seem right to me.
>Every second you've spent on it, is a seconod you'll never get back and nobody is going to love you for it. Find another hobby.
I agree with you up to this point.
Every second used to model is another second on your practice highscore.

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