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Anyone else colorblind here? How do you manage proper colors in your models?
>pay some fiver to videoconf with you
>play with the sliders until the fiver says it's the right color
>pay him 5 bucks for the hour you needed to get the colors right

You can get glasses to compensate for colourblindness now.
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OP, do you want to stay poor? Just use your brain for a moment.

For example, use your colorblindness and just use the shades that look right for you.
To all others it will be the biggest color clusterfuck and everyone will call it art and you will make big bucks.
Hate to be a correctfag but look up the manual for the color wheel and see where each color is on the diagram. You can take it from there my dude.
Numeric color codes exist for a reason anon...

Color theory is pretty nice to know. When working with HSV, choose hues that oppose one another to create exciting imagery, where complimentary hues balance and make things easier to look at. Avoid high and low saturations and choose values that best represent lighting situations.

Also if working with RGB, keep each individual value close together to avoid burning your audience's eyes, at that point it doesn't matter what color dominates or submits, it's just gonna look good.
You can purchase a red glas filter and look through it at your model and if the color is red then it should look bright, is it green it should be dark. me thinks.
What if the fiver is colorblind???

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