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File: Help.jpg (27 KB, 813x809)
27 KB
Ok, i'm trying to model a basic chibi body and i'm at the part where i have to connect the leg to the body. I used a cylinder for both and leg (8 verts) and body. Whats the best way to connect the two using proper topology and deformation? Pic related
Shift+F, subdivide the new faces, and then manually smooth it out
I'm using blender btw
>it's another faggot who thinks he could jumpstart without learning the basics

learn the fucking topology basics fucking dammit.
you can't shortcut shit. it will take you longer in the long run. do proper research and LEARN PROPERLY. youtube is literally filled with tutorials.
Thanks for the tip nigger, but let me tell you something. First of all i am learning the basics of topology. Second I simply needed some input because im having a really hard time studying topology and i was hoping to get a few pointers because of this. I see faggots like you just like to pretend you know everything. If i wanted to get useless help i would have went to Reddit.
your response is unwarranted and totally useless to everyone.

grow up.

yes, i'm telling you this on 4chan.
File: 1444930113698.jpg (118 KB, 380x247)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>yes, i'm telling you this on 4chan.
Now that you're done, time for you to go back to Reddid
File: Chibi Model FV.jpg (28 KB, 477x638)
28 KB
Heres an update on what I got so far. I'm trying to make a super hero type character. Is the topology right? Also did I do the arms correct?
File: Chibi Model SV.jpg (26 KB, 426x658)
26 KB
Heres a Side view.
uhu. topology is good, is it female or male?
>>574649 it's suppose to be a female, but I'm going for a more chili style type of thing.
File: FV.jpg (24 KB, 592x758)
24 KB
Heres an update on what i got so far

Good I like chili. I don't see anything horribly wrong with it so far, maybe shape up the knees a little as some point
1: Pick up Zbrush and sculpt the character

2: Retopologize in 3D modeling program, in your case Blender

This whole box modeling of characters shit is beyond archaic at this point. Don't do that.
File: 1383431538607.gif (1.05 MB, 267x219)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
>learning topology
>on surreal models that at best are supposed to look like they came from chinese toy factory
not OP but does anyone have any tips on upper thigh topology for low poly models? i always have issues with visible indentations when the leg is raised and im not sure if that's a low poly issue or a bad topo issue

you're missing elbows. the arms probably won't deform well. image attached is good for hinge joints
most low poly models from back in the 90s would just have thins like limbs segmented into separate parts
it looks good but people usually start with the head and not with the body. you will soon find out why
And that look terrible
don't listen to this guy
you can definitely jumpstart this shit, you literally already are
for connective areas and other more complex bits, I highly suggest you either rip some models from games or look up model rips from games you know have styles similar to what you're looking for. It's absolutely worth it to look at what people do professionally for animated models.

Look at more than one, and then imitate.
>chili style
I don't know why I laughed at this..

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