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File: 10393405_2.jpg (37 KB, 500x500)
37 KB
Im thinking about buying a tablet, but I've never owned or used one before.
What are some good, budget tablets that I can use for 3d? Can you use the same tablet for both sculpting and drawing/texturing/2d or are there different kinds of tablets?
Does the size of the active space on the tablet matter in any way to the size of my screen, can I have any difficulties with the tablet being too small in comparasent to the monitor?

I'm kinda oriented myself towards the
Wacom Intuos Draw S https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-CTL490DW-Digital-Drawing-Graphics/dp/B010LHRFM2

WACOM INTUOS COMIC BLACK https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos-digital-drawing-tablet/dp/B010LHRVBM

or WACOM INTUOS PHOTO BLACK https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos-digital-editing-CTH490PK/dp/B010LHRWN4

While there is a price difference between the three, there isn't any difference in the techinical details of each product. Is the higher price only because of the software that comes with the tablet?

Also does the software I'm using have to have some sort of a special support for the tablet or can I use it no matter what?
Can I use the tablet in free software such as Krita or Blender?
What about in torrented Zbrush, 3ds max or PS? Does stuff like that matter for the tablet to be working?
Can it replace the mouse completely while I'm just doing random stuff online?

What does /3/ use and what does it recommend?
if you get a small you're going to be making tiny chicken scratches. I would rather kill myself than use a small DESU
File: 1495730398557.jpg (75 KB, 750x728)
75 KB
>Can you use the same tablet for both sculpting and drawing/texturing/2d
Of course. Why would it be different?!

But I have to say for some reason I tend to put a lot more pressure on the pen when I'm sculpting. Maybe my brain still thinks I'm actually chiseling lmao.
What I'm trying to say is that you better buy some replacement nibs.
>Can it replace the mouse completely while I'm just doing random stuff online?
it COULD but give it a try and you will damn it to hell after a couple minutes.
you will want to use mouse and your tablet or put your tablet away after you're done.
personally I also think an A5 tablet is fine but everything smaller is absolutely HELL.
Listen to this man, I own an Intros Small and it's nigh-impossible to get good results without constant chicken scratch lines.
Is it really that awful? I thought the tablet is mapped on to your screen so the line you draw is scalled up. I have a 24 inch monitor.
Does any of that matter and have any effect when you're sculpting or texture painting?
I'm comparing the size of the active area of Intuos Pen Draw S and Intuos Pen&Touch Art M and what I did was on the piece of paper I drew the size of one of the tablets and then the other on top to get more real and natural idea for what the actual size would be.
The small tablet feels way smaller than the showed pictures lets you to belive.
The medium tablet is significantly way bigger and closer to an A4 piece of paper and I assume it would be more comfrotable to use without having to worry about going over the active area, but the price is also more than double.
The Intuos Pro Small is with the active size of Pen Draw Small, but for a price higher than the Pen&Touch Art Medium.
The Intuos Pro Medium is way too expensive for me right now, but I guess it would the ideal pick and if I had the money I should buy this?

>Of course. Why would it be different?!
I don't know, I saw them named like "Draw", "Pen&Art" ,"Pen&Touch Art" or "3D Pen & Touch" and I thought they specialize in different areas, but now it seems like its just the software that comes with the tablet.
This shit (Intuous Pro) is expensive but built solid. You can cut down on the price by buying an used one from the net.
From a durability standpoint, not really. I've accidentally spilled some liquids on it a couple times and it still works.

It's when you actually begin drawing on it when you see how weak it is in regards to available work space. Maybe it's because I'm utter crap when it comes to working with a tablet. But I can't seem to get good results 70% of the time.
dude you can get a used Intuos 5 medium for $190 with a moneyback guarantee on amazon. You need to get a job. I make more than $100 a day and my job is absolute shit
What the fuck, are you two retarded? Drawing on a small tablet is perfectly okay. Yeah, the medium is better (haven't tried large ones, but they seem a bit uncomfortable), but a small one is fine.
spotted the retard
>Also does the software I'm using have to have some sort of a special support for the tablet or can I use it no matter what?
You can use it anywhere. Except some games, you'd have to change the setting to the mouse to play with a tablet.

>Can I use the tablet in free software such as Krita or Blender?

>What about in torrented Zbrush, 3ds max or PS?
No, a goblin will materialize and slap your hand if you try to do it.

>Can it replace the mouse completely while I'm just doing random stuff online?
Yes, but it's not very convenient with larger tablets. The small ones are actually pretty good for it, I use an old Bamboo instead of a mouse most of the time.
In the mirror? Honestly, what's your problem with small tablets?
like was already stated

>if you get a small you're going to be making tiny chicken scratches. I would rather kill myself than use a small DESU
No bigger is absolutely better. It is more pleasant and less strenuous and you will achieve higher quality results.
I bought a small wacom like three weeks ago and I can confirm that medium would be a smarter idea.

The problem with a small table is that its more difficult to have decent linework, details are also tougher to do and well ... my hand kinda hurts when I go balls deep sculpting. But then again, my pen grip is fucking abysmal, so there is that.

Still its not like small is not usable. Especially if you dont know if sculpting / digital art is for you.
This. I regret buying the Intuos Draw (small) cause it's tiny as fuck. I HATE CHICKEN SCRATCHING.
different anon
I use my 15 inch one in bed.

possible dick joke
whatever you do don't lose your pen if you buy a wacom tablet. i bought a bamboo tablet a couple years ago then lost my pen recently. when i tried to look for a replacement i found that they stopped selling compatible pens completely. had to buy one off ebay from some japanese seller. also their driver for the tablet is god fucking awful and i would either have to restart my computer or restart the wacom service every time to get pressure sensitivity to work.
Yeah Win10 fucks with the drivers so much, it really shits me.
actually this was on win7. i haven't even tried 10 yet. might just be garbage drivers all around.
Been using a huion H610pro for years, cheap and works wonderfully for 3d.

Gonna get the new model Inspiroy Q11K Wireless soon.
Wacom can fuck off with their overpriced shit
Personally OP I'm saving up for an Artisul D13 or D10.

I hear they're pretty high quality Cintiq alternatives.

Too bad I'm also on a toaster too, so I'll need to save up to build/buy a new one too.

Fuck me, shouldn't have bought that PS4.
File: 6kHk4T2.jpg (63 KB, 211x617)
63 KB
>Artisul D13 or D10.
Name a better cintiq alternative then.

Reviews for the Artisul have been good.
>getting 13" or 10" anything
holy fuck just get a damn job
Yeah, I get that issue every now and again. It's always a hassle and I don't get why Wacom hasn't fixed that shit by now.
If I remember correctly the intuos draw is the only tablet of those that doesn't have a touch feature
So basically everyone agrees that small is too small and medium is ok? I want to buy a tablet for zbrush and schoolwork but I'm not sure what to get
See >>574289
File: Screenshot_1.jpg (97 KB, 1282x474)
97 KB
got any realistic suggestions for students maybe?
File: Screenshot_2.jpg (71 KB, 1327x422)
71 KB
File: 1497641495649.jpg (270 KB, 690x1227)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Yo nerds, this looks like the thread for broke-asses that want to grab a tablet for school but can't afford a great one on a student budget.

Anyone game for recommending one?

wew lad, I was expecting something in the £200 range.
so far I've learned that
smoll = bad
big = gud
You could try a Chinese cintiq knock off.

This one's $100 cheaper and is larger. Anyone got any experience with it?
Forgot link.
pretty much the whole thread..
you should have like a thousand bucks, complete understanding on how everything works and be a 100% sure that you will like it.. apperently there isn't any cheaper/more affordable option for people that have never used a table before and are not sure whether the whole thing is for them or not
same here
still haven't found the one I'm looking for
File: Screenshot_1.jpg (119 KB, 1489x537)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I don't know a lot about tablets but this one doesn't seem like a good idea, it only has about 2000 levels and it's not compatible with Windows 10

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