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Anyone have any good resources for sculpting clothes, armor, and the like. The more tailored to blender the workflow is the better.

I'm most using "mask extract" and the "shrink wrap" modifier at the moment.

work of rico cilliers. he works with zbrush and blender.
if you want to just use a pre-made basemesh and just focus on the armor there are a few tips i can give you, especially if you are planning on using blender exclusively

1.make sure you have good system specs, you gonna need lot of subdividing to get shapes right, this is even more significant if you want to sculpt things like scratches or damages
2.using shrinkwrap+snap to surface of other objects is key factor to your work. make sure to use xray and ambient occlusion to better see what you are doing (AO takes more computing power, especially for highpoly)
3.don't apply any modifiers unless you have to,hide meshes you are not currently using - this will put less stress on your computer.

here are bunch of tutorials you can use



and a nice tutorial that have nothing to do with it, but will help you in the future

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Awesome, I appreciate all the help and links. Thankfully I have a pretty decent rig so I can work with a high poly count and AO.

So, when I use the shrink wrap I should put an object, like a sphere, over the body I've sculpted, then begin working out the rough shapes of the armor from the sphere? also, I plan on drawing a lot of the details(like pic) and doing traditional animation over the base mesh so at this point I just need to get the shapes and proportions right.

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