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Why is this thing such a piece of shit, tried to go from Blender to it and the shortcuts + the way you navigate trought your scene and the views makes me want to kill myself. Atleast the UI is nice. Is it worth learning this or should i stick to Blender? I wanted to learn Cinema4D Because of the compatibility with After Effects and Premiere but guess i will just do my modelling in Blender and i will just export the object+textures to Cinema.
What are you yapping ? Oh so the shortcuts are different and the viewport navigation is like the industry standard and you have difficulties to adapt?
Have fun getting that non standard Blender muscle memory out of your system while you use C4d, it will take some time (but its worth it).

Look, C4d is not shitty, its just in your head because you don't know it yet.
If you want to do Motion Graphics or TV/Broadcast kinda stuff stick with it (or any other discipline where it is more useful than Blender.)
Keep on using Blender learn C4d and use each of them to their advantage.
I use both, and i think polymodelling in Blender is faster and more fun, also UVing. But C4d isn't bad either and shines when you work with Splines, Parametric objects, procedural stuff and the mograph tools.
It works well with all the others 3dDCCs and Adobe, all important Renderers available, Realflow and Houdini implementation etc...

It works well as an 3d hub pipeline tool where all stuff comes together and gets rendered.
Unless you want to do high end character animation and VFX then go Maya/Houdini.
Also After FX is nice and effective for easier stuff, but if you really want to use 3d and Composition to its fullest potential, start looking at a node based compositor like Fusion or Nuke.
Unironically AE can do the same shit (and more) Nuke can but people recommend that fucking garbage ancient piece of shit because muh professionalism
At a certain point of complexity: Nodes > Layers.
That is indisputable. Use whatever, but i would suggest to optimize for efficiency.
I don't get this argument, just fucking pre-compose. I was doing a shot of a burned. destroyed city for some chink fag form a drone footage with added green-screened people and some sci fi effects + the usual particular garbage and i didnt have any problem with clarity (i also used C4D with it so even more shit grouped in + all the tracking), what kind of insane CGI do nodes help with if this was completly fine in AE?
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>can't make a tesseract
I hate c4d's workflow too. I have no problem using Maya, 3ds max, modo and Blender but for some reason I just hate using C4d.
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I used C4D from 2001 to 2003, took a break and started using blender in 2011.

The fuck are you doing OP? It's not that hard
blender ui is abysmal but the outliner+properties is almost the same as c4d.
you use the searchbar+keyboard anyway so the UI is not bother you much in the future
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>blender ui is abysmal
nice meme
i use blender myself tho.
the baking process is straight up shit, shouldn't even be a subject of discussion - and that's simply the result of a bad UI.
the second thing is how we have 2 object data tabs, for what reason exactly? they could call the second one mesh data so it would be more obvious that its not the same.
third thing is how they just throw "freestyle" "shading" and post processing into 3 different tabs (on the render menu). its basically all composition but they use more tabs to confuse you.
other than that, its not a big deal.
>Learned bad habits from Blender, relying on shortcuts and learning bad navigation through bad UI
>Complains when everything else uses easy UI and works the same as every other program.

It's easy you just make it very hard. Everything is plug and play in Cinema4D. This is like not knowing Photoshop.

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