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File: yesorno.jpg (201 KB, 1255x706)
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201 KB JPG
I don't think it is (going for skinny look) but I've been told more than once my characters heads are too big. Think the guy I'm sending it to is gonna bounce it back for a big head?

Also, would she be suitable for interracial?
that ass tho
Yeah, the head is kinda big...
Not that much to worry about though.
Head looks ok because the tits and ass are big too. But your water shader needs work.

>that ass tho

Thats a good thing right? I sculpted the ass in zbrush.

Yeah the water is just a plane with a bump map, coloured blue and made a bit transparent. I have an accurate water shader but it adds a shitload of hours to the render Also creates some kind of firefly feedback due to the glossiness of the girls skin. Is the current water complete shit or just less than perfect?
I think the water looks fine, it's only a complementary piece to go with your main subject. Now if you're selling this as a complete work, then I would definitely change the water to something more realistic. And I can't imagine the pain that woman would have in real life lol.

Terrible face / overly large head / overly large nignog lips / overly large balloon ass.

Fucking hell.

Don't finish start over.

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