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File: rigging.webm (1.71 MB, 698x520)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB WEBM
Hey, so this is my first time rigging anything and I'm following Daniel Kreuter's tutorial:
I'm having trouble getting my model to work like at the end of the 3rd video.

Basically my character has a dress that extends from a loop around the upper-body down to her thighs. I rigged and weight painted the rest of her body separate from the dress and then, following the tutorial, made a deform mesh that completely encapsulated the dress. Then I gave it a 'mesh deform' modifier, selected the deform mesh object and my armature, and then 'Set Parent To' -> 'Armature Deform' -> 'With Automatic Weights' which is how we got the vertex weights set up with the actual body.

As you can see from my webm everything but the top of the dress is rigid. I've tried assigning the dress to any bones that might touch it as well changing the vertex weights like in the webm but nothing seems to alter its behavior at all

Am I missing something here? I would really appreciate any advice.
Sorry for the horrendous quality webm.
>mesh deform modifier
wtf? pretty sure that's not how rigs work, that is something you use in a very specific case

watch this
Alright so looking into it a bit more, I unassigned the actual dress from all bones and looked at the weight painting on the deform mesh itself.

The bones have good weight painting on them but for some reason ONLY the top-most vertices of the deform mesh move, completely irregardless of weight paint.

The chest bone that has a nice smattering of red to light blue right in the center only move the top most vertices, the left thigh bone that doesn't even have any weight painted on the top of the mesh only move the top most vertices.
Could I have accidentally locked the vertices somehow? Fucking Blender.

This is a good tutorial but now that I know the problem has to do with the vertices just being frozen, it doesn't really help me.
Oh shit I fixed it!

Only the top vertices of the deform mesh were assigned to the armature vertex group for some reason.

I selected the whole deform mesh, assigned it to the armature vertex group, unbinded and rebinded the mesh deform modifier, and it works now.

The dress currently clips through the body at strong angles but that's just balancing the weight painting.
I think you can fix the strong angle issue through corrective shapes
File: Umaru.webm (297 KB, 960x540)
297 KB
That's a good point, but it wasn't really needed for what I was going for.

In case anyone cares: Here's the first thing I modeled, textured and animated without using a tutorial (I used a tut for the rig).
finally someone that utilized the texturing tools properly
thanks for posting the fix anon

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