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If all my experience with programs like After Effects or Cinema 4D are from the cracked versions do i write that i know these programs in the CV/or do i say i know them when talking on my job interview or is it basically a death sentence That will lead to more questions and ultimately to me getting exposed as the fucking thief that i am?
They're not gonna ask you for your fucking licenses retarded
If asked, I lie my ass off and tell them I have a copy from years ago while attending university or while taking classes to keep up.

I usually feel out the person before I tell the truth. There's nothing wrong with learning from cracks, as long as you have never made a profit and can convey that to the interviewer that you're not only there to learn but you take pride in your work (ie you have a fucking awesome portfolio) that's all they care about in most places I've been.

Remember, this "industry" would not exist whatsoever, if people didn't crack the programs. The Studios or whoever the fuck is in charge is the one buying the licenses. They want you because of your skill set. So don't be ashamed of that. You only exist to them because of what you can churn out as an artist and how fast you can do it. I wouldn't go on a bragging spree about how everything you do or own is a crack but there's really no other way you could've learned it fully, the way you have.

It's just an ethics thing really. Some people are chill about it, some people will give a shit.
>as long as you have never made a profit
Well the thing is, lets see you were like a freelancer that used cracked programs (because lets be real 99,9999% of the people on sites like Upwork or Freelancer didn't buy their program) Would you still show your profile to your boss for him to see how good you are or would you just leave that shit deep into the net for no one to see?
It's basically ethics at that point. If your boss is chill and understands how things really fucking work, you shouldn't have a problem conveying that indeed, you only have this experience through cracked software.

I've honestly only seen one instance of where a friend did not get hired because he was using cracked software but who knows, maybe my friend said too much or didn't have his shit together that day.
For me, if I was doing freelancing using cracked software, every single cent I get is going into a legit version. At the end of the day, it's just better to cover your ass than get sued by anyone, even if that means pouring thousands of dollars into a program you have been using for free. (Audits are no fun and can ruin you)

Honestly, I feel like vfx, design, modelling, animation; the whole spectrum of 3D is the wild west right now. There are no unions to protect anyone, and studios are having crazy bidding wars to source out cheap labor while they fucking bank on your hard work in a contract.

I like to imagine it's an unspoken taboo. People are aware it happens, if they really are apart of the industry then they either got there themselves by cracking or they really shouldn't care.

I really think if you have an awesome portfolio, people won't give a fuck. They just will be amazed you can do that and if they ask, be honest. Don't be weird about it. Embrace the fact that you are miles ahead of most because you studied the program extensively. Just don't be a cocky asshole about it
>and studios are having crazy bidding wars to source out cheap labor while they fucking bank on your hard work in a contract

Heh, this.

Whats the point on getting into 3D when some chink is going to do your job but for $0.5 a hour.
I getcha and it is super discouraging.

But I do it out of love. All I ever wanted to do was multimedia. I play music, I make films, and I've always wanted to be an animator. The more and more I take off the rose tinted glasses, I should become more and more discouraged, but I love this more than anything right now. If anything, I have 3 different career paths that I can merge for myself. And that's what I think most people should be doing. Not just putting your eggs in one basket. In the day and age, sadly, you need to be a jack of all trades but there is an upside if you don't burn out and give up. You basically set a bar for others and give others just starting hope that they too can make something great. Maybe not just be outsourced to some china dude
Yeah, i really like 3d modelling and VFX too but i am 19 and i just started and i don't know if i can learn this enough for it to be my job someday/not cripple other job possibilites with all the time i will waste in it.
You have great options because of your age though. You still have a lot of time to play and explore with anything you want to do with your life. Not just 3D.

I don't have any desire to work in a studio, for a vfx company with my knowledge of 3D. Selfishly, I'm investing into my own little projects which have consumed a lot of my time. But I'm just trying to one man team most of this. That's why I make films and music videos and I also play music. I haven't just invested into one thing to feel like it's a waste. I'm able to use 3D to make things noone is doing in my town and I use a projector when I play music live. So I'm able to use all three skills at once. But that took me decades to realize that was what I wanted to do with my life. (I'm 30 btw)

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