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I want to learn human anatomy for 3D sculpting but i have no idea where to start. I don't know squat about traditional drawing aside from being aware of the basics. I want to learn it so that i can easily block out the basics in Blender then refine it in ZBrush then retop it in Blender for animations. My aim isn't photo realism but instead stylized recreations of characters from video games or movies.

Any good books or videos out there to study human anatomy? Are books about anatomy that are directed at traditional artist any good for 3D sculpting?
life drawing helps
>I want to learn human anatomy for 3D sculpting but i have no idea where to start
you are a human so there's that.

as far as learning to sculpt the human form...
that just comes with practice.
Some of the great instructors that teach anatomy right now:
Scott Eaton
Steve Lord
Ryan Kingslien
Rey Bustos
Charles Hu

I also really loved that gumroad tutorial from
Rafael Grassetti and that old course from Kris Kosta
Studying anatomy books sould help you learn them. Theres a 3d app for iphones and ipads that let you see anatomy in 3d. 2d artist use this and normal books to learn anatomy. Why not use 2d and 3d resources to learn anatomy? Preddy sure it's all the same.
You could see if there's a course for drawing naked people in your area. Idk the english term sorry.
As some anons stated, life drawing is quite important. And/or a life sculpting class if you can find one in your area. (I'm sure most life drawing classes would allow you to sculpt instead, if you don't make a mess. Synthetic clay, plasticine is cheap and useful). Down the line you could even try doing a live sculpting session with ZBrush too, but don't rush that.
And if you don't have access to any class, then buy a big mirror, or get somebody to be a model for you. No instructions/critique that way, but at least you are working from the real thing, not from images.
You can't really sidestep this part, since it's mostly about honing your observation skills, your penchant for forms along with your knowledge of the human body. Gesture drawing is a good tool for that too.

Also, get some anatomy books. I'd suggest something constructive like the Bridgman book, or Bammes. Forget medical stuff, you are interested in the structure, the mass, not the details of the intestines.
That would take forever.

Dont bother with a book for now, I am learning it now and just reading about the million muscles and bones is useless. Its pretty nice once you know the basics and you dont mind spending tens of hours creating minute details on your sculpt, but if you want to get to reasonable results fast, just do some video tutorials. Preferably not free ones, since those are usually pretty shallow.

Also get the female and male skeleton and ecorche. Having a Ztool that I can bring into zbrush which I can rotate around any way I want, zoom in, hide whatever I want and see how shit connects and layers up is much more useful than ten books on anatomy.
I thought myself just by practice over and over for 10 years now i guess. But i had a solid grasp after a 3 or so.
Nr 1 is using reference, real life not those crappy fucking models and and shitty 2d drawings. Study real life models, or 3d scans, or photos. Learn and memorize muscle groups, you dont have to do all at once, but having google open in one window to look up each body part as you work on it helps.

Still its mostly about knowing how the volumes of human body work and how bodyfat is distributed above the musculature, one of the nr 1 mistakes of shitty artists is not knowing how to distribute body fat realistically on muscular characters.
There are plenty of good video tutorials and books that will get you started, but just getting one singular good video tutorial and daily practice of 3 hours at lest is what you really need. Practice and study, and always always use real life refs, never models by other artists unless those were made by the best of the best in the industry.
A bit not on topic, but still. How okay is it to use existing models as your base for sculpting?

I am new to sculpting and creating character from zero is next to impossible. For now, i just put reference on background, pull some close basemesh from sketchfab, align it for see-through and start modifying it. But i am not sure how damned i would be if anybody knows?
dont "learn anatomy"
you want to look up figure sculpting. The word you want is "figure".

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