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i want your honest opinion
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it's nifty
I suck at 3d though
You asked for an "honest" opinion and on 4chins, you're going to get one. None of this is meant to hurt your feelings, you shouldn't be discouraged, you should look at everything I say here and realize you've got the skills and the talent to fix it or learn how to fix it you just need the time to do it.

Tons of texture stretching, seemingly no normal maps (maybe that's due to a lack of lighting though), in the first picture the wooden railing on the right looks really jagged and you only need to increase the edge count by a little bit to get a smoother look (also normal maps baked from a high poly will help with this)

You either needed to introduce more randomness to your textures or just flat out hand paint the whole thing yourself, right now the repeating patterns in the wood are really eye-catchingly obvious.
The way some of the wood is aligned doesn't really make sense, like if you think about the individual bit of wood in some of the decorative trim where it would have had to be cut diagonally at both ends, then nailed and glued to more diagonally cut boards, AND it's got impossibly small scraps of wood joined to it that would have no structural stability.

All the metal trim, engines, fans, etc would benefit from more detail. I feel like artists often go a bit overboard with wear and tear, but real world ships (I know it's a fantasy air ship) need CONSTANT maintenance and the parts that do the most work have a tremendous amount of wear and tear on them.

Is this model meant to be viewed up close or far away? Right now it seems kinda half and half; there's a lot of detail in some things that wouldn't be spotted from a distance, but yet not enough detail to look good up close.

Cont in next post
Part 2:

I remember seeing you posting this in the WIP threads, your underlying mesh is really nice but your textures aren't bringing that out. I can tell you've spent a hundred million hours on this and probably just want to be done with it, so either you you rushed the texturing or you haven't spent the time to learn the world of hand painted cartoony style texturing (which is the hardest there is by far), and that's totally understandable.
If you're feeling burnt out by this project and just wish it were done, I'd recommend you legitimately take a break from it. Don't call it finished, commit to learning more about that style via tutorials and whatever and then come back to your Airship. It's really an excellent piece and deserves to be finished properly, but right now the "inept" or "lazy" texturing is robbing you of the fruits of all your hard work.

Get the fuck out of here. You don't know shit about anything, giving a worthless "it's nice I guess lol?" tier comment is the worst thing you can do to an artist. It makes them think they're doing good, even though they know there's flaws but they don't know what they are, so they just feel like it's something wrong with them as an artist when really it's just some nuance of technique they haven't learned yet but are capable of learning and mastering but need it pointed out to them.
Im realy into hand painted textures. But for this i just used "stock" hand painted textures and uv'ed them. Meaning i didnt unwrap the whole thing. Its very helpfull to see that it doesnt work. I was thinking it too. The texturing process had been way too easy and quick.
Btw. This model is a high poly and it is going to be baked to a low poly (already modeled) it is for my game rumstronauts. You can catch some gameplay footage on facebook if you are interested. Btw the concept for this model is not mine

Thank you very much for the comment this community needs more people like you. Right now its a little dead. Please stick around ill try to post as much as i can.
Brb gonna search for some truly hand painted textures i did and post em here. Good to see some appreciation for the style. A lot of people go for the realistic "call of duty" style witch has its place but i find less interesting
Are you from that school in belgium?

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