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Trying to make a two piece mold to print and wondered if there's a good method for finding the dividing line on complex models. Attempts with the Zproject tool on Zbrush weren't so good. Probably going to settle for doing it be hand but I'm still curious.

Side note. It's soft media, so overhangs aren't a big issue.
Why print the mold and not the object?
File: 20170716_073341.jpg (96 KB, 1328x744)
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I want the object in a different material and found the mold prints better for small details.
Why project it??
dude, just use curve slash
remove half of the model
slap in a cube there
and dynamesh
The reason for project was to find the dividing line for the model and have the flat block of the mold shape towards it. The guy in the middle would just be booleaned out.

I was trying 'smooth, project, repeat' a bunch to try and make a smooth transition. I think it would be better to give the dividing line a border instead but I'm not sure how.

Probably just how to eyeball it and model the line in myself.
snap your object facing front and do a polygroups group by front
File: Capture.jpg (30 KB, 543x804)
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That helps as a good starting point for polypainting the line. Thanks.
Tried some things with making groups for each side, making a thin edgeloop and then using that for the parting line but it's still fucky.

Might try looking at other programs with functions just for that. SolidWorks looks promising.

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