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Is getting a major in computer graphics/3d animation and special effects a bad route to go if you have a back up plan (trade jobs) in case you can't find a job? While the degree is nice, I wanted to use college as a means to get connections and hopefully internships.
>muh 'nekshunz

How many upstarts got a chance thanks to those mythical connections in a trade where everyone just has to look at your 1:30 min portfolio video to get the rough idea of what you're capable of?

How many of those were manic pixie gurlz that someone wanted to shag?

It's only a bad plan if it's gonna cost you thousands and thousands and thousands... which it will. So... yeah its a bad plan.

Unless you are going to study at an extremely expensive university in a major metropolitan city, your degree will almost certainly be bullshit which is taught by people who studied graphic design or painting and have almost no fucking clue what they are doing, but got hired because they're cheap.

No-one, I repeat, NO ONE in the VFX/games industries gives a fuck about your qualifications or where you studied or who you know. They are the last remaining meritocracies in the media industry. Connections don't mean shit, what degree you got doesn't mean shit, where you studied doesn't mean shit. All that matters is the quality of your work. Period. And I guarantee - if you are motivated to learn and improve and be as good as you can be, university will do nothing for you but put you in a fucking huge debt hole.

Just stay at home with your parents, get a gnomon account, a pluralsight account, a mid-tier PC and basically don't go outside for 3 years and you will be 1000% better than people that wasted their time and money at uni.
So how do I break into the industry? Even if I do achieve the skills, I doubt I'll know where to go after that.
>make portfolio / reel
>shill everywhere
But carpet bombing is only so effective. Most jobs now require that you know someone from the company to even land a job.

By being good! Fuck's sake dude, if you're good - you'll get work. It's gonna take a while though - a couple years, so don't worry about it. Just work, keep your head down, and worry about employment when you're ready. And you'll know when you're ready.

>>Most jobs now require that you know someone from the company to even land a job.

Where the fuck are you getting this from? This is total bullshit that you have made up in your head. This isn't even legal.
I have never seen a job advertised that says 'requirements: must have excellent 3DS Max skills, be a team player, and must also be on first name terms with Barbara from accounting'

You need one thing and one thing alone to get a gig in this industry: to be good. Now stop making excuses for a failure that hasn't even happened yet.
>send application and reel to company
>get invited
>show up and say hi
>now you know someone from the company

I mean I guess it's different from case to case. But I'm running a small studio and I actually asked my 3D artist if he knew someone good who was looking for a job. I guess that could explain the phenomenon.
not him but i personally know a case where a private vfx company in my area are all college friends and friends of their friends.
also that particular college i was talking about. about 100% of the people who teach there are graduates as well.

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