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File: Plumbusrend.jpg (226 KB, 1920x1080)
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So I've been working on my first real render for a couple days now. Nothing too great, but I need your guys's help on what i can improve before making the final high res render the low poly count is do to me not wanting to wait a bit longer. So that will be changed in the final render. Any help on making better texturing is especially appreciated.
i don't eve know what is that thing?

make a table with a coffee cup on it, its the best way to introduce yourself to modeling and materials.
and coffee cup, simple as it is - can always be improved in some way because you have cycles
A well-made plumbus.
>A well-made plumbus.
lol god damn it

Add some bevels to those edges OP, real 90 angles don't exist and they jump out at you as "off". It also looks like you just pasted the wood pic on the block surface. If you're going for some high res stuff, look into adding all the neato texture maps. Blender guru has some great tutorials on this. Also maybe play with multipoint lighting once you get the rest of it set up.
Good luck anon
Thanks anon
File: woodfloor2.png (981 KB, 960x540)
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>Blender guru
he's also got a website (poliigon.com) which supplies all the maps for photo-realistic renders. You get a 30 free trail (don't waste it), but i think you can still get lower res maps for free.

i used his stuff to make this. I think i over did the scratches a bit, but its still pretty neat in my humble opinion
the texture scale is off and those panels are too big
also those aren't scratches at that point they're channels
>the texture scale is off and those panels are too big
maybe but there's nothing else in the scene to give a sense of scale

kek. Like i said, i think i over did them. but that was the first time i had really played with adding "imperfections" to anything.
I think the scale suggestion was more about the texture size being too large for the scene so it looks blurry.

You might be better off making the scratches affect the specular/roughness rather than being gouges in the surface.

I use poliigon for almost everything in my architectural work. Their stuff is great.
bevel that damn box
File: 1362291488371.jpg (57 KB, 605x605)
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ahh, yea i was dicking with specularity maps and whatnot, trying to get a sort of faded, old polish look. But since you and the other anon thought it was just blurry i obviously fucked it up.
Get rid of the shitty wood floor, just have the subject floating in front of a background
It's just not a high enough resolution for the scale you have it at. It might look fine at either double the resolution or scaled down 50%

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