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What's your opinion on Source Filmmaker?

Fisher Price's "Baby's First 3D Program".
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Nice looking on the surface until you realize the absolute assfuck that is dealing with creating Source engine custom content.

Making models and learning all the stuff with source makes it not even worth it unless you like dealing with one of the worst modelling workflows imaginable and numerous stupid quirks of that engine. Pretty much the only people who can make decent use of it are the people who have worked with source for years prior.

Anyone else would realize that making animations in your 3D program is easier than attempting to get a working model with proper flexes compiled for source. Hell you could probably model several characters from scratch in the time you would take just to learn how to deal with source's SDK bullshit.
Let me know when they make importing not retarded, alongside allowing PBR. Until then, no thanks. It is a nice introduction for new animators though.
SFM was never meant to be a professional tool. people use it because its fun and accessible

Isn't that Blender?
>the absolute assfuck that is dealing with creating Source engine custom content

I hope the Source 2 SFM will support model importing like UE4 does
So, what do you think could improve SFM?

Proper model importing, but the core of it is source engine itself. Its a 2003 tower of duct tape with one of the worst material systems.. Source2 showed some promise with its supposedly better model import system but its likely a long time before source2filmmaker even happens. Remember how SFM has been around since the release of Orange box (accidently shipped with the beta run)? It took them FIVE years to finally release it to the public.
You can actually make something in Blender
they did release an sfm2 for source 2. only problem is that only dota 2 content is allowed and it has basically no scene behind it at all since it can't use old source models (and its missing a bunch of features from sfm). such a shame it never caught on
option for non quaternion rotations, or option to expose quaternions to the user directly
customizable rigs
stretchy IK capabilities
in-viewport spline controls on rigs
better lighting engine
better viewport performance
better model importing
expand the bone limit past 255
expand the vert limit per model past 30k
proper clamped tangents (or the option to remove overshooting from spline tangents)

too much would need to be added just to put it on par with maya or blender. it's not worth it.
you forgot something.. give more file formats to work with!

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