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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

File: DSC_3984.jpg (56 KB, 630x420)
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Should I bother investing thousands in VR equipment and shit and making VR games or is it dying gimmick technology like 3D monitors?
It's a dying gimmick. But it'll be back in another 20 years.
I would say it's a gimmick regarding games. VR arcades seem to be doing ok tho.
But there really are some fields where VR and AR are useful, like medical or construction.

But you don't need to invest thousands. A rift or vive is like 500 bucks.
>VR arcades
Are those the places where you get nasty unknown eye infections due to fecal bacteria on other people's hands? Sign me up!
>500 bucks
That's a lot of money
>and making VR games
The answer to your question is identical to the question "are they porn games"
Yeah 500 is a lot. He's also not telling you how much you have to spend on a rig to run it. You need an i7, at least 12 gigs of ram, a 970(minimum), That's already about a 900 dollar rig you need to run it
I have an i7 950, 8gb ddr3, and a gtx 660. H-how am I looking for VR dev
>That's a lot of money
Yes but it's not 'thousands'.

Why would you attempt to make games without having the proper computer?
>Why would you attempt to make games without having the proper computer?
what did you mean by this?
>Should I bother investing thousands in VR equipment and shit


>is it dying gimmick technology like 3D monitors?

AR -> Vaporware
I would give it a few years to mature it's getting there though.
I mean if you want to do something it's obvious you will need the right equipment. I was assuming that someone wanting to make VR games would at least have a computer capable enough.
define capable enough
If you learn it now, the eventual catch up of technology will make it so you have an advantage in knowledge and how to make VR games - assuming the techniques and pipeline don't change drastically. Do note though, that the markets are small, especially on PC, and that there are still major problems with VR. I personally wouldn't invest my time into it, but when I inevitbly do have to play catch up, those around me with the head start will have the one up on me.
One actually capable of running your game.
See for yourself:
so you mean any samsung phone?
VR hasn't taken off because 1) no one's come up with a really amazing game and 2) it's expensive and the recession of 2007 caused PC hardware to lag (along with every other luxury / non-essential consumer grade item other than phones and TVs)

If you're just some hobbyist looking for something to do then sure, fuck around with it. If it's a business thing, incorporate and lease the equipment and then write off the expenses.
I think it hasn't taken off cause its not easy to setup and the goggles arent really convenient. They tried to push it with phones bit the experience isnt that great once the novelty wears off.

We either need very convenoent head gear with great visuals and sound as eell as being portable or have a dedicated VR room that's cheap and easy for anyone to setup.

I think its a balance between quality of experience vs ease and price.
Perhaps we need another technology breakthrough first.
Wait until generation 2 for VR, i tested VR and it's good but the next gen is going to be better and more worth spending a weelbarrow of money on.
this is gen 2 mate...
No, it's generation 5. The first generation of VR was the Wheel 'n See Pictogramaphone from Victorian England.
For a mere tuppence you could gaze into the viewscope of the pictogramaphone while circulating the spinner to view a realistic true to life representation of a bird flapping its wings or a horse galloping majestically.
nobody recognizes that as the true gen 1
This "nobody" sounds like a pretty smart guy!
if nobody was a person his name would have been capitalized
You can't make actual games. Last gen proved that people don't want to move around or use their voice to control their characters. Nothing really beats a dual shock 4 or 360 controller when it comes to actual immersive gameplay. You can probably build a fun app, though. Maybe social thing like second life.
Chill with your fucking autism. >>573631 clearly means wait for the HTC Vive 2. (Or equivalent "2nd gen" system. Who knows if HTC or some other company will be the champion of VR in 2 more years?)

Anyway I agree with the previous advice, Vive is a nifty toy but if you don't have money to burn on nifty toys then it's not for you.
Don't wait. Don't bother.
VR: Not even once
It's inconvenient and offers marginal advantages that come with a stupid price tag and a lot of inconvenience.
are you one of those people who thinks that 3D stereo is a meme even when Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time
Fads come and go, 3d gimmicks are literally in and out of our culture all the time, nobody even talks about Avatar anymore, it's not like it was a cult classic.

As for VR, it's another fad, I always said it was a dumb gimmick, and it still is. All people use it for is porn anyway, and you know your tech is garbage when it's major use is porn.
VR is fun but you are not going to make loads of money doing it

only get into VR if you want to make something fun for yourself that you also share with others

as far as the "gimmick" part, everything about entertainment is a gimmick and gimmicks can be fun. otherwise companies like nintendo would have gone bankrupt by now.
isn't nintendo losing money with their consoles and their game sales have gone down really badly due to people not liking the motion control gimmick in the wii and wii u

switch should help them out though since it's just a normal handheld
File: ATimetoBeAliveLOL.gif (1.96 MB, 636x345)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
Despite what salty poor ass neet neckbeard keyboard warriors are telling you OP.

VR isn't a dying gimmick. That's just stupid.

VR toys like "giant machines for walking around and/or rides you'd only see in a testing lab or a mall are gimmicky, as no one will spent thousands for a giant treadmill, when you can play most VR games just sitting down or standing in one spot.

VR is here to stay and its kicking off more and more than it ever could back in the 1990s. I'd know as I was around when VR was trying to make a scene back in 1992 - 1994. The probably was technology and computers where no where near what they are now.

The thing about VR as a developer is, like the first video games. The devs are not 100% sure how to make good games yet. There's limitation to our knowledge because everything up-to-this point has been doing on TV/LCD screens, and are done with keyboard/mice or game controllers.

Now. VR is allowing people to walk around, touch and interact with 3D objects while having free camera/head movement and not limited to a flat computer/TV screen.

And since. The technology is still new and the developers of VR don't want to make 10,000 dollar VR machines like they where inthe past.

They are still limited on what they can and can not do.

I'd suggest waiting for generation two or onwards before developing for VR. You like all of them will be limited to "room-scale" / standing or sitting for the people who will play your games.

And you will be limited to "teleporting" players with controls, or slow walking using a keyboard/gamepad or thumbstick. ( Assuming you don't just want to make a stand in place narrative game or "arcade shooter."

These are what's popular as not much else works yet. As no one has figured out how to ensure better smoother, freedom of movement for VR users. It has nothing to do with VR being a gimmick or a fad.

It has everything to do with learning how to make games with the current limitations of the technology.

This guy will never be successful.

>Major use for porn means it fails

This child clearly has never been a creator or successful. Just a salty burger flipper for life.

When something like "VR/Blu-Ray/VHS" got picked up by the porn industries. Guess what ended up being common-place "VHS / Blu-Ray & Now VR. ( Maybe as I've not seen much in the way of VR porn. )" -- Assuming they are users just using the samsung shit cell-phone screens on their faces while watching bagaroo or whatever the fuck poor people waste money on.

>But VR is too expensive!

While they spend monthly checks on burgers / porn subs and useless shit.

IF... The porn industry American / Japanese have picked on on VR and are creating/supporting the content.

VR is not only going to be super common place. It's already successful by that alone.

I personally, hate cell-phones. They should have always been only for emergency phone calls and the like. Not for shit posting, meme spamming and facebook selfies 24/7.

But. If what "I" wanted had happened. Don't you think that would have been shitty?

Good thing individuals like this fool aren't part of who creates and sells these types of things.

Hate VR all you want but you are missing out and that's fine with me.










VR is still shit. Resolution is too low, field of view is too narrow.
reddit spacing

they really need to go back
File: thejewdemon.jpg (263 KB, 2048x1364)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
i hope it never gets better. just a fucking screen is addictive enough. don't make this alternate reality that is a million times worse than real life please. dystopia here we come.
File: 20170806_234024.jpg (3.2 MB, 4032x3024)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB JPG
I'm making a living developing VR games for unreal and unity. For the past few years now, I've worked with products such as the deepoon, viulux, all of the oculus iterations the vive a handful of others... none o them are there yet..

not that VR isn't fun it CAN BE GREAT! but only in short bursts...
It's going to be so fantastic in a few years! To that end, kids LOVE IT... they dont care about all this technical stuff or ergonomics they play. Unfortunately, kid's aren't RICH and VR is over the top expensive. For the price of a VR setup you can have an enormous TV that'll entertain you far more than any headset i've ever used... except for maybe the Vive with a handful of games... they get boring fast. Studios in VR will fail, many already have. The adoption rate is about a half a percent of all gamers. It turns out that most of those are developers.

I know it's written into our pop-culture so there will always be an effort to make it a reality. Investors are still excited about the product..

The key is, if you're going to develop for VR, then you need to make sure that you keep visual details close. 2.5 meters is about the limit for the depth perception in these HMD's. Everything past 2.5 meters is clear to about 5 meters. Past that, you'll want to reel it all in because it gets blurry.

Forward renderer is your friend for clear imaging.

Doing any outdoor experiences is out of the question, do indoor stuff.

They tend to burn your eyes too.. long hours with those HMD's can be painful if not damaging.

I'm not sure when VR will flourish, but it's not today.
>reddit spacing

The future of VR is in businesses designed specifically as VR experiences, not in home personal VR.
So you can read it easier. Why can't you use the shift key and capital letters?
People argue about formatting because they don't have any idea what VR is about or how they might contribute to the conversation, pathetic.
It's the opposite of being easier to read.

I just came back and saw this.






Why don't you get off your shitty toilet apple phone and use a pc screen?

I've written this at a level that anyone with an IQ above a 3rd grade could understand read?

This is the weirdest retarded reply I've ever seen.

As bad as in-game people crying "u spek engishl?

When I don't type out a bunch of emoji's or memes.

File: croppedreadthisidiot.jpg (347 KB, 1433x932)
347 KB
347 KB JPG

How it looks on my screen, gee...it's not a cell-phone who would have guessed?

I've never used or visited reddit. Too me reddit sounds like a facebook of imageboards. I've only ever used/browsed 4chan. I don't care about wasting my time on other shitty social meme boards.

When you can't think up better insults, recycle: reddit / meme / mom / virgin / kys over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

So you think you won the pointless shit tier attempt at an insult.

OP didn't seem to listen to any of us, so was all a waste. Cool huh?
why the fuck are you typing like this? Get with the program or fuck off
RIP thread and RIP VR
It should have been capitalized as the start of the sentence anyways, why would he assume that you would capitalize a name?
vr will be used for medical training in the near future.

invest into vr for medical training.
File: larry1.gif (1.9 MB, 316x213)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
still making money in VR though... i mean i complain about it but im making a fortune
Nintendo can make 0 profit for the next 50 years before they have to sell off IPs.

The Wii and Switch are making loads
Yea the Wii and DS era was a major boom for Nintendo
Lel, no you don't. Learn 2 gpu multithread.
We're already there, anon. Military is just slowly commercializing all the tech it has. Where do you think the kinect came from?
It's called paragraphing you FUCKING RETARDED FAGGOT!

People have been doing it on 4chan, and in fact, the entire fucking internet since for-fucking-ever. You and every other mouth breathing retard who complains about "reddit spacing" really needs to fucking kill themselves.

And before you accuse me of being a newfag, I've been here longer than you've been alive, kiddo.
have sex, /v/aggot
lmfao he's right
VR will be a gimmick until they 1) fix locomotion/controls and 2) make it less cumbersome to use

it's gonna be big eventually but it could take years
I still wait until I can have feedback into my fingers (stopping them and my hands from moving), and somebody with the idea that VR means monitors of arbitrary size.

Then I can have a PC without mouse, monitor, joystick, pen, keyboard or any other manual controller.

Or maybe a glitch will break all my fingers, who knows?
as someone who interned at Oculus for a few months I'd say wait till the next gen headsets, those will have more tracking capabilities and people would have worked out the kinks of VR dev by then.
they dont even use VR in the new Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell movies. They know its a gimmicky dead end.

They only use 3d holograms and voice commands...

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