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This thing has been bugging everyytime I model with a blue print for orthos.

What happens when the blueprints don't line up. Every image was scaled up correctly, I believe. Most times I just wing it when its off a bit. But it still bugs the hell out of me.

Did I fuck up in cropping the images in photoshop? Like the scaling is different for everyone?
File: images_to_planes.png (57 KB, 640x389)
57 KB
I also get my shit from The-Blueprints.com,

and for whatever some fuck odd reason, 2 of the 3 views would match up and at least one would noticeably off.

Any tips?
How do you create the image planes? if you have an image of say, 647 pixels tall by 1372 pixels wide, you should create a plane that is that many units high / wide, then scale it uniformly to fit your scene. Then just align them with snapping as needed. Now if the height of the side / front or front / top don't align you know for sure it's a problem with the image.
if the images are off just set up guides in photoshop and scale the largest images down to fit.

Do the originals come overlapped like that?

overlay them all in photoshop and correlate every point you can and you can see if its the drawing; if its not then check the image dimensions, then check the image planes

no, i wish they did though. No mistakes making the image planes.

Comes like this.

actually, I tried that, I might be going crazy. Think you could spare a few minutes connecting points from the image posted here >>572579

Is there any other blueprint site out there? How do the professionals do it, get accurate orthos?

Sorry in advance, I'm splitting hairs trying to get accurate placements instead of winging it when its off.
If you have access to CGP, download the tutorial series hard surface modeling by Grant Warwick, in some of the early episodes (from like 3 or 4) he goes into how to model a car and what to do if the schematics don't match up perfectly, which he says almost never will.
just checked, they don't work out perfectly. but not enough that it would be super difficult to work with. grab a shitload of reference images

if you want to do that u will prob have to wait a day or two, its down again
they will never line up correctly, you will need to decide which view is your "main" one, from which you take the scaling from. Every other one will just make the general shape and / or really detailed stuff but nothing inbetween.
has anyone tried using shadowbox in zbrush to generate a model from these views? would be cool to see

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