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Could somebody take a look at this script and see what's going on with it? It's supposed to turn Freestyle lines into Grease Pencil, it runs fine when put into Blenders script editor, but when I try enabling Freestyle, the Add-on, then rendering it, Blender just crashes. I can't figure it out.
Also, upon trying to run it in Blender 2.77(which it was made in) it seems to have issue with the line:
,options = { 'ANIMATABLE ' }
It's Blender. They change the Python API every single minor release. It's not a bug, it's a feature and it's open source, so you can fix it yourself.
Still, you'd expect it to at least work in the version it was made for... but I absolutely do need this add-on to work, and it's lazy to ask others to fix it for me.

I guess I'll have to learn Python specifically to fix this. Are there any good resources for learning Python specifically for Blender?
Don't bother. Seriously. If you're not very experienced with Python and C++ (which you may need to actually fix the crash) already it's going to take you years to fix that thing and it's going to break at the next minor release anyway.
Like I said, it's something I need to get working as it's pivotal to the animation style I'm developing, and it did work at one point so I figure I can get it going again.

And so long as I can get it working on one version I'll probably end up sticking with that version. It's shitty but not having that add-on or something like it sets me back quite a bit. The way it auto generated line art saved me a ton of time at one point.
If it's for the automatic regularization of the hand drawn lines, autotrace does that too:
You're going to have to read the manual and fiddle with it a litte bit but al least it's robust and doesn't depend on Blender.

More so it was to have a workflow similar to this. I mostly did traditional art and animation up till recently, and this method takes a ton off my shoulders while still giving me a traditional look to my animation, and it all works so easily.. or did anyways.
OP why don't you open an issue ticket and report this bug ? include a short description ,steps to reproduce and an example where this example fails.
have you tried this addon on a new scene ? .blend files sometimes get dirty and can cause addons to behave this way.

and lastly try an earlier release :

this early version c9601fc61ecd03f3f354aa324efcf8598d24782b on https://github.com/folkertdev/freestyle-gpencil-exporter/commits/master/freestyle_to_gpencil.py seems to be identical in functionality but uses a different method/approach (according to that commit message) , i would give it a try if i were you.
Yep, afraid I did all that multiple times yesterday. I even went so far as trying every old script with Blender 2.76 through 2.78. It seems the only ones that sort of work are the first four iterations of the script in Blender 2.78, but the lines come out crazy and look like something you would see in flash rather than the clean ones in the video. There are people in the comments of the video claiming they got it to work in 2.77, but upon trying to get the add-on working through the preferences it won't even recognize it. Manually pasting the code gets me the issue with >>572511. I'd say the only thing I haven't done is reported the bug, though I have contacted the guy that made the script. I haven't got a response back though.

Right now I can get a samurai jack look to my animation, but what I really wanted was to simulate a hand drawn line art look.
File: image.jpg (1.24 MB, 3264x2149)
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1.24 MB JPG
And this happens when I try enabling that particular script you shared in 2.77. In 2.78 it reverts to crashing on render.

(Also, sorry I couldn't get an actual screenshot. IP got banned a while back for something I didn't do some I'm posting from my phone.)
>learn a material that looks decent and creates a solid cell shaded look
>might even look traditional
>don't use an add-on, just use what's in blender
>turns out blender has an issue showing the material even in GLSL view
>another case where it works for some people and doesn't for others

I think that's the straw that broke the camals back. Seems like Blender is more broken that people would let on. How is Maya comparatively?

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