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Question for ModoFags from a ModoNoob here

Got several thousand hours in Max and I'm very at home with it. No complaints really.

I'm just investigating Modo because fuck it its the weekend, and also because I keep hearing from Modo fans about how awesome modelling is and integration with Unreal etc.

So, after a day and a half with it, it all seems ok. There's nothing I really don't like (apart from trackball rotation which I've just found how to kill once and for all) - but there's nothing really standing out to me about what's so great about it. The work plane stuff is good but hardly a huge deal, and yeah - I like the falloff tools but... ah...

I guess my question is, really, why should I drop Max for Modo? What's the big deal?
To be honest - the big problem I've got is that there's no equivalent to the modifier stack as far as I can see; if I create a cube, and then decide a moment or two after that I want a few more subdivs in it - I've either got to add them manually or create it again?! Really?! There's no sort of persistent construction history that I can work with?

Also - doing a few tutorials and one has got me to install a bunch of 3rd party scripts (free). We start using them and... one of these 3rd party tools is basically the 'sweep' modifier. Like - one of the most basic modelling tools ever, (it's even in fucking AutoCAD) is a hack made by a member of the public?!
It just makes me wonder how many other tools and things that I take for granted in Max are just not gonna be there...

So, really, I'm 100% open-minded here. Please convince me about why Modo is so great - I want to be converted, if it's really worth it.
Big deal is that you can map every single action to a hotkey (and same hotkey can be mapped to a different command dependent on your active tool/viewport), and once you do that you can work very fast.

As for stack, they've added procedural modelling in MODO 11, it kind of works like it.
Are you 100% Modo now then? What were you in before and what do you miss about it?
What sucks about Modo, I guess is what I'm asking...
Ok... I'm loving the profile function integrated into the loop slice tool. That's really cool...
Modo is outdated now. Back when Maya had shit modelling tools it was best to use Modo. Now that Mayas tools are much improved its best to stick with Maya and zbrush

Last time I used Maya, the Boolean tools were absolutely disgusting. They would have to have to come a really long way to rival MeshFusion in Modo....
boolean modelling is a tor frick meme
What the fuck does that even mean? Try not talking like a fucking moron once in a while maybe.
spotted the newfag
Wait is being able to assign hotkeys a selling point now? Can Max and Maya seriously not do this?
not as easily
I was thinking the same thing. If being able to assign hotkeys easily is supposedly a killer feature, how come no one uses 3D Coat?

just a guess but I think if you ask the development team behind Modo what feature they're most proud of, I think they'd probably say MeshFusion before they brought up the hotkey utilities.
How would you compare mayas modelling now with modo 11? If money wasn't an issue bor animation- which would you fags choose?
From my limited experience they're both broadly comparable vis-a-vis modelling but;

1. Modo doesn't have a construction history by default, that could be a good thing though because the poor construction history implementation in Maya is what causes so many problems.
2. Boolean modelling in Modo is actually a realistic proposition, like, you can seriously make usable clean meshes with Boolean tools. Maya is a joke in this regard.
3. Modo has a really cool presets library feature where you can literally drag and drop recurring objects into and onto your scene items instantly. This is awesome for iterative design.
4. If you DO prefer a construction history type workflow and you don't really have a need for Boolean tools - I'd take Max over either of them.

1. Modo - interesting new features not found elsewhere, but their usefulness is open to debate.
2. Max - rock solid standard modelling tools. HUGE development community.
3. Maya - .... Erm....
Thanks for the info. I currently work in max professionally - arch viz and its the best package for that, but i hate the viewport display and while powerful it feels clunky- plus you cant tear out a viewport copy on another screen. I want something for home to mofel characters, uv, retop, works well with zbrush. I enjoyed modelling in maya over max at school cause it felt mote hands on and better display. So its down to maya or modo..
Booleans are bad on maya and are ok in max, but outside of architectural modeling where topology doesn't really matter i dont think i would use much. I found constantly deleting history and freezing transformations annoying in maya but i liked the ease of changing the pivot. Im wondering if modo will be around for a long time too- anyone got any thoughts on that?
really? the ergonomics in max could be better for sure
I have a huge keymap file that i've been adding onto since max 6 or 7 and i think it's super nice to be able to use everything via hotkey, it's not that hard
i mean if you're gonna be making a living with a program, spending thousands of hours in it does it really matter if you have to spend two hours instead of one to configure your hotkeys the way you want

>> I want something for home to mofel characters

Haven't used Modo much yet so take this with a grain of salt but so far the tools seem very much biased towards hard-surface stuff. Even if you go look at all the promotional images they use to show off Modo, it's all vehicles and technical looking props. Like I say - the intent with Modo was to make a killer iterative design tool, and that doesn't necessarily lend itself well to organic forms. I may be wrong though.
So, give it a shot but i think you're probably looking at Maya.

You'll be relieved to hear Modo's viewport feels much more like Maya's than Max. The Max viewport is ASS.


>Booleans are bad on maya and are ok in max,

...but they're awesome in Modo.

> outside of... where topology doesn't really matter i dont think i would use much

But here's the thing - they actually *ARE* usable where topology matters. You should really give it a try.

> i liked the ease of changing the pivot
in Modo, you have 'workplanes' and you use these to adjust and work with your tools and pivots in many more sophisticated ways than in maya. Yeah, you can move the pivot around like in Maya, but you can do way more.

>Im wondering if modo will be around for a long time too- anyone got any thoughts on that?
No idea. It's made in Britain by lots of foreigners - so Brexit may well fuck that up.
If modo is more suited to hard surface modeling than Maya, in what ways is maya better suited to organic modeling?
Ah, i didn't explain what I meant very well...
What I meant was that the unique features and tools that makes Modo different from other stuff were more geared towards hard-surface. That's not to say that Maya is particularly great great at organic stuff or that Modo is any less capable of it - just that the stuff that may draw new users to it away from Max/Maya are kinda hardsurfacey.
Ok, got it. Thanks.
use both you faggot!

The more shit you can learn the more pro you can be. Pro job, Pro contracts, Pro work

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