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File: sheetholder.jpg (15 KB, 500x500)
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Can you help me to model a photorealistic sheet holder, using cycles shader?
yes i can help you
I wouldn't believe a thing this anon says, I can help you
I recommend Blender's internal renderer with Approximate Gather turned on. It's one of the best Blender features.
No i have to use Cycles. It's for a school project
download 2.79 test build and use the principled shader

it gives you a ton of control over materials
>it gives you a ton of control over materials
that's why i have no idea of what to do
Can somebody do it for me?
I know you all are geniuses who can do this shit in 10 sec
well, cna't you model a fucking sheet holder?
or you can't the material?
what do you want exactly?
File: shitholder.jpg (21 KB, 923x447)
21 KB
yeah i am kinda crap

here. just get an HDRI to render it so you will have decent lightning
Model seems okay.
too bad there arent any materials
Step 1: Dump Cycles.
Step 2: Install renderman.
No dude. All internal is the way to go. With the community enhancements, the synergy between Blender's awesome modeling tools and Blender's internal renderer with Approximate Gather is pretty much the best.
i love internal too my dude. its such a good render engine. but you need to move past it for certain things.

i wish i could do everything in internal, but its not a physically based render
I was kidding. Just try to render something with Approximate Gather. By "approximate" they mean it doesn't work at all and lights things essentially at random.
But seriously for the next version they're re-vamping the povray plugin. Maybe give it a try. Or maybe mitsuba or yafaray, but not renderman because you want a raytracer with path tracing, not some REYES nonsense.
File: Green Lex Luthor.jpg (35 KB, 628x599)
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>All internal is the way to go
Is that why it is never used?
Yes. The amazing quality of Blender's internal renderer is a well kept secret.
the principle shader for cycles is displaying metal correctly which is something we never had in blender before. lets see if 2.79 can deliver otherwise im switching to one of the renders you said
Don't wait. The Blender Foundation has been doing this bait and switch thing like: "ok, the current version doesn't do what you want but the next one will" for over 20 years.

but 4r tho blender internal is far from the best, its old tech. physically based is the standard now for a reason, the workflow is significantly more intuitive and the results are even more real

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