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File: FMP Room22.png (1.5 MB, 1600x871)
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So I'm writing a dissertation about Perception through photorealistic renders for my degree.
(pic related: My work for the dissertation)
Does anyone have any academic sources for manipulation of perception and use of propaganda in the cold war?
If not, then this is a general Personal 3D work dump thread.
Why is a picture of a penis on fire hanged over the twin bed? I don't think it's a good omen for the couple that would use that bed.
And there's also mirror polished balls hanging from the ceiling. And why are there two butt plugs and a copy of Mein Kamps on the table if the female side of the bed is untouched? The guy who lives there must have issues.

Your bedding looks like wet suit type rubbery material. I think you need more specular break up with some cloth normal/bump, look into facing ratios of cloth materials and maybe increase roughness.

>unsolicited advice
Mate those glasses seem out of proportion to me
And some dents and, some metallic and some dirt on those sheets. They're supposed to look like a decomposing zombie just slept into them or else it's not modern art.
Why is the outside pitch black yet casting light as though it's a sunny day?

Sunlight at night time.
Full sail graduates at its finest lmao
Is that the bed and carpet from standard cinema 4d studio scene? Looks like you just modified the scene a tiny bit.

oh shit, it is, nigga got caught!!

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