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File: why do this happen me.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1440)
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Here's a work im doing based of HR Giger's Female Magician. How can I take this and make it better? I haven't done any post yet this is just the raw beauty
File: Female Magician.jpg (207 KB, 637x1200)
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207 KB JPG
this is hr gigers original
materials and texture resolution (esp if you're going to render at that high res) mostly. atm it looks like a 10 year old pc game with a graphics mod.

the lighting could be more accurate as well. harsher and from the front. a rim light for the glow as well

the character should also not be so starkly separated from the smoke, a few of the points going behind it lends to the creepy vibe
to add, a paint type shader would be incredible for something like this.

but it definitely needs more contrast overall
I wish i was a janitor here so i could enforce my will and make you people post in the god damn WIP thread.
Thanks, yeah my friend said i should make the lighting more dramatic as well, I have a couple things im thinking about trying and I'll see what i can do. I'm also going to do some more stuff with that smoke so it isnt just in the back like that
yeah I'm gonna add more contrast, and what do you mean by paint shader?
I dont get much feedback when i post in the WIP thread. people aren't as harsh either lol
i meant a shader that imitates paint. ud probably have to write something like that from scratch, itd be a long r&d process

was just an idea that popped into my head
the lighting is crap
how do i make the lighting better. dont just say its crap without offering suggestions
File: Bty (00000).jpg (657 KB, 2560x1440)
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657 KB JPG
I did some post work on this angle cuz its the least flattering angle. this whole thing is gonna be an animation btw. I dont have the look i want yet cuz my zdepth pass didnt turn out right (smoke domain got in the way cuz i didnt tick a check box somewhere) feedback always welcome!
I'm trying to do an ethereal metal kinda thing. most of HR giger's work seems to be like that
I think your face is much less physically accurate and less expressive the the original.

also turn up the ambient occlusion and contrast by a lot. some of that can be done in photoshop
Based on Giger's art, I'd suggest you change the texture to include both a slick, leathery feel along the face but also have the metal appearance line up along the top of the "head"
The reason it's not looking too good is because Giger's art depends a lot on unnatural lighting and colors. You should play around with settings like contrast, exposure etc to create those deep blacks. Try setting the lights higher and using less ambient light aswell.
File: Booty.jpg (703 KB, 1920x1080)
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703 KB JPG
seems yall are wanting more contrast n stuff, still workin on that. it's a tricky thing, these materials and stuff. I do want to imitate giger but I also want to create my own ethereal style as well. much of his stuff is organic and wet and squishy looking while i'm wanting to go a bit more metal. here's a view of the backside
by making exactly what he said dumbass >>571581

perhaps he should try having some lights only affect certain parts of the model (i.e. light linking as in maya), maybe even having each part of the model be affected only by its own set of lights
Your work is absolutely fucking garbage, completely lacking in any kind of artistic or visual appeal. Go to /ic/, study the rock bottom babby tier basics of drawing and painting and maybe, *maybe* if you work really fucking hard and get REALLY fucking lucky, you *might* be able to produce something of barely tolerable mediocre quality. Maybe. Because right now this is literally trash. Christ...
don't go to /ic/
those guys are dicks.
here's my tip, try writing down what you see in gigers work, elements, shape, color, how it makes you feel. notice what you notice, notice what you didn't notice.
now does your render do the same? probably not.
i'd start with making it darker, darker metals, add more colors to the gold piece, redo the face and skull.
just going by the original and this pic id say you need to ramp up the lighting on the face and neck first. The face is way too dark compared to the original and it's hard to make out to give any good critique on the topology. The face is the focus of the original so that's the part you want to nail down first Imo. Keep going though
File: FB_IMG_1498009280686.jpg (75 KB, 616x960)
75 KB
Sorry I didn't see other people had already mentioned this. My bad

> being this much of a tryhard edgelord
Its not bad.
The materials and lighting just make it look like some year 2000 game cover when they first realized they can do metal well. The shirt is especially horrible.

It just needs a lot of polish and higher resolutions and a lot of stuff you learn from painting, drawing composition and such.
There is no point in endlessly nitpicking, just compare your work to geiger, start drawing and painting or photography even, anything to reinforce 3d skills.
If you're not happy with it, and don't know why:
Scrapping this and restarting would help.
Finish it and move on.
There's no point in being attatched to your work which you will look back a few months down the line and get disgusted.
Because almost anything you do you will look back at it in few months and be disgusted.
I'm not trying to copy giger's stuff. I just wanted to use his model as a base and have fun and see what i can come up with for materials. this project is actually going way slower than i thought it would but yeah i do wanna finish it and move on

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