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Can we have a discussion about facerigging in video games?

What's the best example of it you've seen? Personally (and I may be ill informed here) I think MGSV had some really impressive subtle facial details in their facial capture stuff (was this touched up by artists later? and if so, do you consider that cheating?)

I'm sure things like L.A. Noire will be brought up at some point too, but for my money I can't think of anyone would did a better job than the MGSV team of convey subtle facial expressions in a way that almost crawled it's way out of the uncanny valley.

(also sorry to the mods if you think this belongs in /v/ instead, I just thought asking here would get me more insight from people that actually understand the tech)
There's no such thing as cheating in graphics. The faces look that good because they're scanned in from real life and recorded from real life.
Siren, Silent Hill 3. Jap magic.
My proposed question was which game has the best face rigging, in this context, one might consider touching up animations afterwards to a certain degree a disqualification.
Silent Hill 2 and 3. Pretty much ever Valve game with facial animations. MGSGZ/V. Dunno if SH and Valve games count tho, because they were made purely with morphs and not actual bone rigging.
Considering how old HL2 is at this point I still find it amazing how expressive the faces are.
nothing is cheating, graphics and visual effects are built on the idea of 'faking it' to look real. calling something out for cheating is just an admission of ignorance
I think facefx is a superb tool, it saves time and make sure your characters dont look like dead ME:A characters.

Compulsion is a great example
>they're scanned in from real life and recorded from real life.
you mean there is a real life BIG BOSS ?????!?!?!?!?!?!?
Silent Hill 3 has its fair share of gormless faces mid-cutscene, stiff movements and unfitting expressions. Impressive for the time but you've got to consider that Silent Hill 2 & 3 always had the advantage of being small in scope. Games at the time were getting into rendering large environments, groups of characters and utilizing relatively new real-time physics on limited Gen 6 hardware while Team Silent got into rendering one room and two-to-three characters really well. Not exactly magic.
> facefx does what mimic did in 1999 plus it adds webcam facial recognition
That's nice, it's one of several which do this.
Witcher 3 possibly, haven't really looked up the tech but they did something very right.

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