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I've been using MagicaVoxel to recreate some of the Minecraft blocks in it, however I can't seem to find an easy way and manually had to colour each 1x1 block in a Minecraft's 16x16 block.

Is there a way to speed up this process (ie, am I using the software wrong/not knowing of a feature) or can you guys recommend me some free software which can add metal/glass/illuminating emission effects like MagicaVoxel does?
It lets me render stuff like this.
It's just a box.
In a way this post is some of the best art on /3/.
I don't remember specifically if it lets you do PBR minecraft voxel renders, but it's free.
>download blender or torrent Maya
>create cube
>create material
>apply textures to material attributes

Why do people even bother with obscure janky software like this?

i love when buzzwords get to this level
Because unlike Blender, it's pleasant to use.
It's still easier to create a cube in Blender and apply a texture you've made in Photoshop or something.
sure, IF you have the domain knowledge to know anything about 3d graphics at all, for most people who don't normally think at all about 3dcg this is totally non-obvious
You've never actually done anything in Blender otherwise you would know that nothing is easy in Blender.
Don't use blender then if you'd rather cry about it. Leave it to people who know what they're doing.
But you just said Blender was super easy and now we're supposed to leave it to experts? What's going on?
diff person

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