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Just began learning Zbrush and I'm trying to make a military boot... But it's going quite horribly, at least that's how I see it.

I already had a human model, so I got his feet and began sculpting from there. What can I do to fix this attempt?
Just continueing on until the model looks right?
Yeah, but I don't know how some brushes work exactly. The smooth brush decimates my model even when I change the settings, but on the tutorial I'm watching this doesn't happen, and so on...
turn down z intensity while holding shift
I've already done it but then it wouldn't change anything on the model, though I'm pretty sure there is a midpoint that works well.

Create the sole first using zmodeller. Use the feet of the human you made for reference. Keep it seperate then add a dynamesh sphere on top of it and shape it into a shoe shape. decimate it until you have a low poly then work up the subdivision levels adding detail as you go. Try and emulate how a real boot would be made.
separate the model into different parts (layers), you can never have enough layers

also, look for some tutorials for using polygroups, dear god I wish I would have known earlier about polygroups, please learn to use them, it´ll make everything so much easier lateron
Thank you, that polygroups thing seems very useful
probably lower the res and use trim dynamic brush and i forget the name but there's a good brush, the shortcut is b then h. will help tidy it up.
also the best way to do a boot is >>571356
making the upper part first makes it hard to attach to a sole

is right except zremesher is better than decimate imo. definitely adopt one of two workflows either polygroup each individual piece or split each individual piece to its own subtool and keep the polycount as low as possible until you are happy with the shape. use D and shift D to go between low poly and dynamic subdivision without actually subdividing until you are ready to detail. doing it that way lets you use the Zmodeller brush very effectively

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