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What are the best learning resources for 3ds max? I am currently starting with youtube and lynda, are there any other good tutorial sites?
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Go with Arrimus3D

Also the 3DSMax learning channel

EAT3D has some pretty good series like the Bulldozer.
Thanks, how long do you think it would take to learn at average speed?
What, the program itself? 3DS Max is an extremely complex program, much like any general-purpose DCC, since it's designed for a multitude of tasks; even just Photoshop has functions that far exceed the needs of photographers.
What you want to do is consider what aspect of the 3D workflow you want to focus on, and cram tutorials based on what you actually want to achieve. If say you want to do archvis or environment design, a lot of stuff could be considered extraneous to you, just as the stuff that you might find relevant wouldn't be as much to an animator or effects artist.
So when you say "learn Max", what aspect are you referring to specifically? It could take decades if you want to be a one-man army and be competent at modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering and compositing, and even then you'll at best just be a jack of trades.
So i use max since 6 years and honestly i'm using only about 35-40% of the features max has to offer.

Since you are completely new to max i would start with the basics:
1. UI/Interface
2. Object creation, modification and transformation
3. Viewport & Viewport Navigation,
4. Viewport Shading and Display Modes
5. Explorer Tools (Material Explorer, Scene Explorer etc.)

After you have a basic knowledge of those i would go in a more specified direction f.e:

1. Sub Object Levels & Selections
2. Camera's & Basic Lighting
3. Rendering, Advanced Lighting and Enviorments

Honestly the most useful recources for me were the learning channel that was already mentioned by some anon, the official knowledge page and the 3ds max community forum



In terms of other recources there are alot that i used over the time:


Arrimus was already mentioned

Arvid Schneider

And obviously 4chan's /3 board, best thing here is that usually you'll get answers in a really short time
Oh and i forgot to mention, in case you want to get really serious i can recommend lelly murdock 3ds max reference guide, the new 2018 version should also feature the arnold renderer
Also this has some incredibly useful and easy shortcut/UI guides:
Thanks so much this is an easier path to go through

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