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File: Living_Concepto.jpg (489 KB, 1280x720)
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hello ,
im newly interior designer, i make a lot of 3d renderings (interiors) using max15,vray3,photoshop.

Please comment my latest work .

thanks .
Lighting and materials are shit. That room looks like ass. Is it a living room or reception lobby? That quote is pretty funny though.

All in all it is garbage though.
What's a mini-mecca doing in the middle of the living room? Do your house plans come with a free copy of the Q'ran? Also, if you try to have sex there, people from the next city are going to see you through the windows.
This is a disgrace for human race. Because of your insult of a rendering your whole race should be put to concentration camps
File: flatty.png (262 KB, 487x411)
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Your lighting is very flat. The snapshot I posted is the only part of the picture that has any sort of visible occlusion/lighting falloff and it actually looks miles better than the rest of your image.

I don't know what your lighting setup looks like but I would assume your lights are way too intense - the three spotlights in the corridor (with the wooden wall) are so strong they're clipping the whites where they're hitting the floor - all of your floor that's being hit by direct sunlight is also going into white clip.

You gotta get a nice HDR, trust your exterior lighting, and carefully start adding more light as you need it. You can get away with shitty textures or materials in archviz, but lighting is absolutely key.

And get rid of the fire in that fireplace, god damn.
>see though the windows


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