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Why is the maturity level on this board so low? I would even rank it below /v/, they actually discuss games there. Nobody discusses anything on this board without needless shitflinging every second post. Compared to /ic/ this board is a joke. How do we fix this?

Hiroshimoot allows 1 meta thread per board
It's not too far fetched to assume that /3/ is plagued with high schoolers making their first gun or anime girl in blender thinking they are hot shit, and that 3D is somehow 'easy' compared to 2D. So you have a lot more spergs running around with bad attitudes not being constructive.

They wouldn't survive in any kind of professional environment for more than 5 minutes so it is nothing to worry about.
we're all mad

mad about not having jobs
Delete this shit thread. Lurk moar before posting, you don't know dick about this board, the industry, or art.
case in point
lmao this guy

yeah i agree OP. i go here sometimes cuz i want harsh critique but u also never know whos giving it and it's most likely not professional

It's a blue board, that means it's full of kids that would otherwise be discouraged from hanging out here. We have a lot of teenies who play with Blender and think they know more than everyone else and they shit all over every thread.

Look at the Lewd threads on /aco/ in comparison. Most of the posters actually give intelligent criticism and helpful advice. Sure there are still a few "delete this" kiddies but they're in the minority there. On /3/ the underaged B& are probably the majority just because it's a blue board. That's also why you see them screaming for mods when someone posts something with nudity.
>I would even rank it below /v/
shitty bait bro
lots of sub 70 IQ subhumans here. especially those that do more critiquing than posting works.

and when these people actually post work its just ironic garbage straight from their moms filthy anus.
the amount of assblasted individuals on this board is outstanding.

>How do we fix this?
there is no fixing this. iv been here long enough to know
Direct anons proper sources of information

Ignore and filter software wars

Post work and pay attention to critique

This is how we do it on dev forum. The trash will cower in fear because deep down they know that they suck. The trash will leave and the aspiring will flourish.

The beauty of /3/ is wasted thanks partially to the anonamitity and reputation of 4chan in general. It cannot last and will be one of the first to go.

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