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Question /3/
I started modeling with zbrush a while ago. I came from archviz and Im not still used to organic shapes.
How do you approach human bodies and poses?
I mean, I always start from a T-pose and then posing it by moving/rotating. But what do you do when you have to model something like pic related? Do you also start from a T-pose?
The moment I put the figure lying down all the muscles or anatomy changes/stretches, so I have to do most of the modeling again.

Whats your workflow for this?

Why don't just make the model in t pose, re topology, rig it and then pose it?
well the REAL pros who make things that are RELEVANT for 2017 use complex muscle simulations. Search Weta Digital videos on youtube for Avatar, The Hobbit trilogy, Planet of the Apes movies.

Everything else is trash its sad to say
Ive thought of that, retopo and then rigging everything.
But then I keep seeing those artists modeling humans already in unusual poses, which end up in not very accurate results.

I know you can "rig" using zspheres and then try to remesh everything by moving them, but I dont really like the results.
>>571078 Apparently you already have, but haven't you tried again with the zspheres pose and then sculpting, that's the only method besides this one

Obviously there are other ways but they cost loads of emone and you don't have that much right?
Uh that's completely and utterly wrong, everything you've said is a lie, you're a disingenuous fraud and should be killed immediately.

REAL pros model an entire circulatory system THEN a muscle simulation with REALISTIC metabolic changes influencing the performance of the muscles. Anything else is complete amateur garbage for children and frankly anyone not using such a system should really be castrated and have their fingers removed, to prevent even the possibility of any further engagement in art of any kind.

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