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File: Generic Model Sheet.jpg (25 KB, 736x563)
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I need help building a basemesh for a female character in Blender, please help

Sure what do you need?
He needs help!! You dummy, son't you see?
Here's your help.

Turn off the computer and go enrol in a local life-drawing class and learn to draw/understand human anatomy for 3 months.
Come back to the computer, delete Blender, download and install student versions of Max and Maya.
Spend another 3 months learning to use those pieces of software at a basic level.
Spend another 2-3 years learning how to create efficient flowing topology for a humanoid figure.

There ya go. See you in about 4 years. Run along now - you've got work to do.
Breddy gud advice though last step is wrong. Topology can be learned in a few months. You need the 2-3 years to learn how to sculpt beautiful interesting and appealing anatomy.

Also you forgot to add zbrush which can shave ~1year off versus doing everything in Max and Maya.
>>>"You forgot to add Zbrush"

He said he wanted a basemesh.
I just need help with a basemesh lol
Maybe this can help?
I'm too poor for Maya but thank you
Torrent a crack ?
How Sway?
I figure the theory is the same, if you've got a grasp of the basic tools of blender you can probably follow along well enough. I'm a beginner too though, and I use Maya, so it could be more difficult than I'm thinking.
File: im10.png (1023 KB, 1336x798)
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1023 KB PNG
you can use manuelbastioni LAB plugin for blender (free), then decimate the body or manual retopology from there, usually make my weird models that way
Hiya friend, fellow noob here. Here's how I do it.
Let's start off with the music. Don't listen to music. It doesn't matter if you think you can multitask or not, don't have music or a show playing because it'll slow you down. You won't even realize it most of the time. You'll only do these things when you're having fun or when you've made something so many times that it's become an automated process and you can zone out while doing it.

Next, references. Your intended model is fairly simple, but generally you want to have a front-side-rear picture that also shows the arm. In fact, I'm pissed that people doesn't also include a top down in their orthos.

This is an example of a bad reference. No side view, front is not completely front, back is not completely back.

And here's an example of a good reference. Front view, side view without the arm obstructing it, side view of the arm, rear view. Everything is accurate. Just beautiful.
i don't understand why the entire world started modeling this character.

its just a boring overly sexualized shit character. for an airheaded hack n slash game

Also worthy of notice, drawn references are usually different from different angles. You'll have a hard time recreating cartoon characters because they are edited to look good from each angle instead of accurate. Take the girl's locks framing her face for example. From the front they are slightly covering her face while from the side one lock is placed over the ear instead so as to not conceal the face when she emotes.
Do you have any other tips for modeling cartoon characters?

> implying it takes 2-3 years to create good human topology

What are you, literally retarded?
Just use makeahuman for base mesh then import it into blender
File: samus lines249107385.png (234 KB, 736x563)
234 KB
234 KB PNG

Once you've found a good reference pic, you import it to a paint program (I use paint.net) and draw a quick topo over it on a new layer. Keep in mind that the plan is the first casualty of war. Don't expect and don't worry if your model doesn't have this exact topology, as you'll come across other issues during modeling, or come up with better ideas.
Also, sometimes as a noob drawing your finalized topology on a pic might leave you perplexed as to how do you get there from a cube. So keep it simple and slowly modify it.
Save the picture with the lines in png and import it to the program as background image.
File: simple hand-392814282.png (7 KB, 531x564)
7 KB

Time to model. Hide the various panels. It's just clutter making your work area smaller and stressing you.
I know nothing about deformation so I'm not bothering with it atm. Instead I model the body as a group of meshes like they did in the PSX era. Apart from keeping things simple, this has an added benefit to it. By working on a single area at the time you don't get overwhelmed. Your work is broken down into more manageable chunks. You can join the pieces and loop cut to create actual joints when you learn about deformation.
The pieces are

1) The head
2) The torso
3) The crotch
4) The upper arm
5) The lower arm
6) The hand
7) The upper leg
8) The lower leg
9) The foot

Hands are really hard and most tutorials on youtube are shit as they model them flat. My advice is to look at ripped meshes from games. For low poly there's the permanently clenched fist which is pretty much a five-point cylinder, the oven mitt (pic related) where the fingers are a texture, the Unreal Tournament hand which is the same except that it has an individual index finger for the trigger and for pointing (the other fingers aren't expected to perform any function on their own so they remain united), and the robot hand where all digits can move individually but are compriced of primitives. Transformers games use these hands for example.
File: head steps-1404898835.jpg (111 KB, 1550x400)
111 KB
111 KB JPG

Here's a quick way to make a basic head.

>Add a cube and scale it roughly
>Apply subdivide surface modifier and click "apply" while in Object Mode
>Scale and move vertices to match the shape of the head
>Extrude the bottom two faces to make a neck and scale it
File: wowman-579479686.png (32 KB, 819x939)
32 KB

Create a new box for each body part mentioned earlier and give it shape based on the lines in the background picture before moving to the next. Your mesh should look like pic related once you're finished.
File: wowman 21298894283.png (31 KB, 819x939)
31 KB

Add a loop cut to the torso and crotch. Select the side faces and scale them on the Y axis (I did by 0.7). Move the arms a little forward, scale the top of the upper legs, and fix the neck. Erase the faces between the body parts. You won't be seeing them and they won't be necessary when you learn to make joints.

Your basemesh woman is done. NOW you can listen to music. Kick back, relax and experiment with adding polys to her tits and ass so as to make them more shapely. Also you can experiment with facial structure and hair.
How is hair even done? I figure creating the polys for it easy enough, but do these polys get merged together into a single poly or are parts of the hair kept separate? It seems so difficult to me.

Use plenty of references. Search for concept art and production sheets, and take screenshots when watching the cartoon. Expect to have to take a few liberties. Favour the angles that the character is seen from in the cartoon most of the time.


If you're using simple textures then you can get away with making a bunch of primitives and have them clipping into eachother. The hair doesn't have to be a single piece. In the end, if it looks good then you did it right.
Thanks, hair was the main thing that confused me
>i don't understand why the entire world started modeling this character.
Western games have been on the warpath removing all the sexy from videogames. Thankfully the japs don't give a shit

You might as well ask why someone wandering the desert might be desperate for a glass of water
Go back to 8gag
Thank you for the lesson, anon. It was very helpful.
go back to your mom's vagina
what the hell is all that shit on her

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