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Beginner here, seeing as cinema 4d is probably the easiest to learn 3d software out of the main bunch would it be wise to start with cinema 4d and then switch to 3ds max if necessary or to just jump straight into 3ds max? I'm interested in this as a hobby and for shitposting. I've tried blender, 3ds max, maya, and cinema 4d for basics and narrowed down my options to cinema 4d and 3ds max. I've seen more tutorials for c4d than max but maybe I haven't looked enough. Is this an autist move? Should I be looking at another software I've disbanded? I'm interested in both animation and modeling.
it really doesn't matter

as a beginner you can't be worried about shortcomings of some particular software because you don't have a particular direction or artstyle yet.
there is no "photoshop of the 3d world". all of those programs are highly competitive with eachother since production methods are evolving + more people want to learn 3D.

now if you would told me that you are planning to make a shortfilm or some kind of simulation i would advice 3ds or maya. if you would have told me that you need to do some particals/vfx i would tell you to go with c4d. if you would have told me that you want to build mechas with some kickass kitbash stuff i would tell you to go for modo. if you were to tell me you want to make a versatile jack of all trade software i would advise blender.
I don't want to push or glorify blender, the render engine is really weak and you would probably have to replace it but i haven't come across any problems yet.
if ease of use is what concerning you get modo or c4d
What about renederers for c4d and 3ds max, 3ds max 2018 comes with really good ones from what I saw (forgot the names I believe arnold) and cinema 4d just comes with physical. How are the renderers.
>I'm interested in this as a hobby and for shitposting.
stick to ms paint, this ain't a hobby
3ds and maya are both equipped with arnold which is supposed to be cutting edge now.
but if you didn't get arnold you probably got mental ray instead which isn't that bad but you should upgrade to arnold right after.
c4d have maxon render which i don't know how it works but i have great results for all purposes.
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Find out what the most used package is in your city. Then learn that. You do want to get paid for doing 3D don't you? Here in Detroit it's Max, in LA it's Maya. Then get yourself Vray and learn it.
Is Windows 10 3D Builder better than Maya ?
I'm not comparing the two but rather asking which one I should start with
Okay thanks
try them all and see which ones gives you what you need
I started with Max and when it came time for me to learn Maya I just wished I'd started with it. If you're going to be entering the industry there is a high chance Maya will be something you need to pick up at some point, and I would recommend just starting with it in that case.

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