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Hey guys, is there any Modo-fag here?
I'm mainly Zbrush-user and I use Maya as generalist package, I like maya and all, but Im pretty autistic and I was thinking to switch from maya, (not to switch but to learn something different besides it), at first I was thinking about Max, but I think that will be leityerally 0 gain.,

what will you say about Modo? from what I've seen it's pretty interesting. I love different unorthodoxic and smart UI-s, I think modo got that. (I really love Zbrush's UI, I know that many hate it, but I think it's their lack of knowledge of shortcuts and tools)

can someone list some pros and cons of Modo?

Fuck sake Modo got blacked.
cool explanation bro!!! many thanks to your mom

I come from blender , and i really like it, the interface doesn't feel that bland and has many useful things
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What do you need it for? If it's for hard surface, then after you get your workflow straight you'll be faster in Modo then in Maya (check some Tor Fricks videos for example).

Otherwise there's no point in switching, Maya is much better generalist package (not to mention standard in most studios).

If you do organic stuff, then you do it in ZBrush anyway, there's no much difference between Maya and Modo retopo.

Apart from that, with Maya you get Arnold, optional Redshift, advanced simulation systems etc.
>good modelling if you can remember your hotkeys

>everything depends on hotkeys which you're very likely to forget if you use more than one pacakge or only model every couple of months. Then you're back to square one.
you mean you switched from blender to Modo? or are you suggesting me to use blender?


I model everything in Zbrush..
I just like how Modo looks and it's heavy hotkey workflows, but most of all I kinda like it's UI.. in reality I don't really know why the hell I want to even do it, I just like learning new softwares... I saw 11.1 it has great UV workflow. ut has great baking tools, which even autoimatically inserts maps in material ))
UV ing in maya sucks IMO. I was using 3d coat for retoopo but then I switched to maya, but now I'm missing on 3d coat's UV-s.
I hope they'll adress UV-s and give us better retopo tools in Zbrush 5

I know Tor from his Redshift tutorials BTW.
just use headus to UV, its better than anything else

I use both, but modo modelling tools seem to give less trouble than blender.
ty I'll check it out.

I use Zbrush for most of modeling since I learned zmodeler

Hey, just a question, do you think zmodeler is good compared to other basic packaged?, Nothing extreme as 3dsmax but does it stand by itself?
of course if you bring up whole 3ds max vs Zmodeler, it's not even a comparrision, but you can model pretty much everything in it, especially assets for character modelling, if you'll make some shortcuts for it and bring out some needed functions as buttons in UI it becomes very verstile tool. + new live booleans with it is very awesome, but the controlls are different compared to "normal" box modelling tools.
I switched from Maya to modo because I wanted to get better at modeling.
I use modo indie because I'm tired of pirating stuff, and I got it on steam sale for like $150 IIRc.

For modeling, Modo runs circles around Maya.

Maya pros cons:
+industry standard
+better animation tools
-From time to time, feels like you "fighting" it to get stuff done.

+Much better for modeling
+Actually just feels easier and less complicated to get stuff done.
-Steep learning curve.

And yes, Maya can do anything Modo does, but it takes longer, or more steup/steps.
With modo, you just get in there and start modeling. Whatever you want to do it does it well.

>But modo sucks without plugins!
People say that about EVERY 3D program.

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