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So anons im a new fag and i tried to learn something about hdri enviorments and how to set them up in max but somehow my renderer is only rendering a solid color.

From a new scene my steps so far where:
Select the hdri image as environment map ->instance the map into the material editor -> instance the map into into arnolds renderer settings->instance the map into my skydome color setting -> set the map to spherical environment.

The viewport changes colors when i change the angles in orthographic view but its always a solid black color not the image itself.

Help this unknown anon please
You don't have to instance the map into Arnold settings as it pulls the map from environment setting by default anyway.

Aside from that, are you saying you can't see the map in the viewport or that the map isn't lighting anything during the render? If it's the former, you probably don't have your viewport settings properly set up, and if it's the latter, chances are that your skydome exposure settings are too low.
If i render with a model inside the hdri image affects the lighting of the model itself but the background is just a solid color that changes depending on the viewing angle.

The viewport is showing something thats certain, when i change the mapping type to screen it displays the hdri image fine but as spherical environment it doesnt work properly


I also tried changing the intensity of the hidden skydome arnold places or using a arnold skydome light but it doesnt change anything
ohhh, I missed the part where you said you were using orthographic view, the issue here is that ortho counts as a camera that views the scene from infinitely far away, so the background becomes zoomed in so far that you're basically looking at individual pixels when you move the view around, which is why it flickers like that.
The fix is to... simply not use orthographic view. It's useful for some things, but previewing what a spherical environment looks like is not one of them.
Omg and i always thought "why does this look so zoomed in", i even tried zooming out alot but it didnt work...

I tried to find a answer for almost 2hrs yesterday but no video etc mentioned that you have to use a camera ...

Thanks alot anon

Now that

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