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I'm a beginner trying to learn 3d animation/modeling but mostly for animation. Cinema 4d is the easiest to learn software of them all, I've tried 3ds max, maya, and blender (mostly blender). If I really try and put all my time into one software I think I could learn it. But cinema 4d is the easiest and the one I've grasped the most in a short amount of time. My question is if Cinema 4d is respected in the industry and/or in the 3d community. I want to do this mainly as a hobby and for shitposting. Also if it would be most beneficial to me to learn this or put my time into another software.
>is this a meme?
cinema 4d is only good for motion graphics, for 3d animation go to maya, for modeling you need combination of many 3d tools
>normal pipeline
>box model base on maya
>go to zbrush to sculpt model
>return to maya and retopo
>texture in substance designer
>return to maya and make bones
>make animation
>render in arnold
>or send to unreal, make scene then compile
That is a lot of software and a lot of different programs, seems like a professional workflow. For now what would you say is the best 3d animator/modeler to begin with.
Maya is industry standard
>That is a lot of software and a lot of different programs
some programs are good with somethings and some aren't, cinema 4d is abysmal with uvs, also super slow compared to others
Thank you, for giving me a real answer. If I learn cinema 4d for what I am doing now and then for some reason need to switch to maya how hard would you say the switch would be?
All these pieces of software do very distinct things, and it's recommended that of use some combination of them; Max and Maya are general-purpose editors that don't focus on any one aspect of creation, but let you model, animate, and render start to finish.
Stuff like ZBrush and Mudbox are for sculpting and baking in far more detail than you can reasonably do by pushing verts around, and there's no substitute for this within the above mentioned programs.
Similarly, bitmap-based texturing has gone the way of the dinosaur, so you either need to think about getting into procedural PBR texturing with Substance or photogrammetry with Quixel.
These developments have resulted in a big shift in the way 3D content is made and it's just ass-backwards to not take advantage of these things, especially since you seem to care about what is widely accepted in the industry... go to any modern studio and you'll end up having to use some combination of these anyway - on top of the custom-written software many studios have.
You need to have a flexible mind for this, DO go for the most complex package you can reasonably cram into your head, because it's not going to get easier from here.
Okay thanks, I'll probably go for maya in that case as I'm most interested in animation.
cinema 4d is a good starting point, and once you realize that the basic workmodel is the same in all 3d software you will not be afraid to pick up another program to solve the problem you need to solve,

for now start with small projects, once you get bored of small things you'll need to up your game so look for new stuff to do, and if that means new program to learn don't be afraid because it will only strengthen your game.
This is great advice, I'll expirement with the two and see.
if you start with maya it will help you further on you career instead of hindering you... i started with c4d doing small low poly stuff, then junped to 3ds max, then to zbrush, now i use all including fusion 360 for cad... the real mindset you need is, any tool that can help me get the job done faster is a good tool.
The reason why C4d is used in the industry is that you can do easy things much faster in C4d than in Maya or any other program.
Also its used for anything related to Motion graphics, like Iron Mans Helmet UI, or anything advertising related in the latest Ghost in the shell movie.
That's where it shines.
Sure you could do all of this in Houdini or Maya Mash, but it takes a lot more time to set things up. You'll get more control in these other programs and can do more complex stuff, but if you don't need it C4d is faster.

It is a good starting program, better than Blender imho because you'll get access to industry proven plugins and renderers.

C4d works very well with other DCCs.
But unwrapping is pretty bad, i suggest to download Unfold3d and use that instead for unwrapping.
yeah but even if you get into the details you know that ash thorp is only using c4d for certain things, i think he used a combination of houdini and c4d for the motion effects in Assasins creed.

what i mean is that for gits and assassins movies the only use for cinema 4d was for mograph and effects, all the other models where done in fusion 360.
I think he comes from an After FX background, so he uses this also a lot for his work. C4d + AFX is pretty mighty.
For modelling, like i said use it for easy stuff, if you need fusion 360 for a model you wouldn't use Maya either. There is a reason behind the choice of tools.
they used fusion 360 on the models of gifts because they wanted to 3d print props, also fast retopo and its usable in all renderers
GITS ghsot in the shell

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