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Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
looks better than the Daz M3 a couple years ago, lol
I don't doubt it
I also wanted to say that it looks kinda like daz
Better facial animation than mass effect Andromeda
>First 3D porn made
>looks better than the Daz M3
Michael 3 is literally a head scan of Dan Farr. I met him in 2011 and it's hilarious.
must be really strange to see a model of you in bad CG porn literally everywhere.

reminds me of that voyager episode involving the hundreds of hologram clones of the programmer who created the EMH that ended up being used for mining and cleaning pipes.
>must be really strange to see a model of you in bad CG porn literally everywhere.
Before I met him I did ask him in chat what his nice Mormon family thought about their son starring in so much gay porn on the internet and he said something about them not being computer savvy enough to find it. I decided not to remind him of that in person.

Also, correction here: it was Michael 1/2 that was a headscan of Dan. But yeah for years we ALL said M1/2 had a goofy, implausible face until the website let the cat out of the bag. And, if you look hard enough at P4 Male you realize Chris Creek was using Dan as a model even before DAZ existed.
Also don't forget the 1981 movie "Looker," based on a Michael Crichton story about ad agencies replacing models with CGI for nefarious subliminal reasons (then murdering the models). I emailed the SFX guys who did this scene and this is what Gary Demos said. (I commented that Susan's very angular face was made for this kind of thing and asked if she were cast for that reason)

I am copying Art Durinski, who can give you the detailed
answers that you seek.

Our first 3D digitizing of faces was Peter Fonda for "Futureworld"
in 1976. We used three pin-registered Mitchell 35mm cameras
at 0deg, 90deg, and 180deg, with grids project on Peter's

For Michael Crichton's "Looker" we used several mirrors and
a single pin-registered Mitchell, to get multiple views on
a single frame. Art and Larry Malone actually painted
(or pasted) grids and reference dots on Susan Dey's face.

The images were hand-digitzed on a 60" custom 2-cursor Talos
tablet having 200/in resolution (or maybe higher than that).

Amazingly, the story line (which we helped with) showed an
automated version of this scan on Susan Dey. We were
basically predicting how this would eventually be done.

Something you might not have guessed is that we used
someone else for the body and Susan Dey for the face.
Mal McMillan helped us splice everything together, and
helped us compensate for lens distortion (a key issue in
doing this).

There was nothing special about Susan's features, although
they were clearly excellent in retrospect. Our job was to
digitize whoever Michael Crichton chose for the lead actress.
Susan Dey was a wonderful choice, and she was great
to work with.

I think that Art Durinski has pictures of him and Larry Malone
painting reference points on Susan's face.

>Our first 3D digitizing of faces was Peter Fonda for "Futureworld" in 1976.
I neglected to mention that this scene was the first instance of CGI in a motion picture. In the earlier parts, it reuses Fred Parkes' animation seen in OP, and the hand flexing is Ed Catmull's famous 1972 animation digitized off his own hand (quite possibly the oldest CGI recorded):
Tell me this hasn't aged well, I dare you m'fucka
File: eyyyy babeh.png (694 KB, 930x678)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
>11 minutes into computer dreams and chill and he gives you this look

Gonna fuck me a fish!
I love how they still had to use practical effects to get the quality level they wanted.

Can you imagine seeing this for the first time?
File: 4548469.gif (1.89 MB, 273x259)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF

>a 10 seconds spot was tenths of thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of $ for 3D animation back then
>it's a WHOLE HOUR

Whoever paid for this must have spent a FORTUNE on this.
It hasn't aged well at all it's just that the internet currently lives through a big wave of 80/90's nostalgia which 3D stuff of that time is a big part of and because of that it kind of seems fresh again but in reality it really isn't.
Ah, just saw it's just a compilation and not one thing... But yeah, was really expensive back then.
>tenths of thousands
Isn't this the first instance of people trying to animate something fappable in CG?

> imagine being Corbin Bernsen fucking Amanda Pays' face in its prime
>using Poser in 1972


We're living in the fucking matrix.
How much time for render ? Omg 2, 3, 4 month ? + place the vertices point by points

really cool

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