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I fell for the "make games instead of play games" meme. Now its been 3 years and I havent played anyone elses game so I wouldnt waste time not modelling, programming, learnin. I feel like I'm still far behind and will never make it. Not only that, but now I know nothing about what kids these days like to play and why they enjoy them, like LoL, Dota, CS, etc.

Am I fucked?
Show your 3 years of progress
I dont want to be bullied today. Lets just say that I work a regular job at a mcdonalds equivalent

three years is enough to get an entry level job senpai. show us. post to the wip thread. if you cant take us being mean how will you cope when its face to face with money involved.
Show us what you got. Also, welcome to the enlightement
Yes, please show us your work. Remember that if you go to work on a team, you will have a specific part in the team (and maybe other responsibilities depending on the size of the company). You probably excel in one area right now, and should focus on building a portfolio for it.

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