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OK, so I want to make a 3d model of this type of soldier. I have 43 images for reference and just downloaded Maya, but I know nothing about 3d modeling. This is a totally newbie question: What is the procedure to do this? I know that this is difficult and it requires practice, but what should I do to achieve good results in this project? Any good tutorials on Maya to get started? Thank you in advance.
Since you know nothing of modeling, I'd suggest starting with an editor that has a more visually obvious UI to a beginner, like Max. It's easier to find tutorials for as well.
As for the procedure for any decent high quality character, you essentially have to build from the inside - out. First get the hang of modeling/skinning/rigging a bare human body and seeing how it should look and move. Next add plain clothing and iterate on that, and then you can finally work on starting to add all the straps, bits and bobs that hang from a combat suit like pic related.
Take it a step at a time, if you don't follow the principles according to which complex clothing is designed, it's going to look and animate like shit. You have stuff strapped to other stuff that's fitted to clothing or a harness that's sliding around over your body which itself is a deformable surface, so you can't just jump into the detail bits without knowing how the whole chain fits together.
So rather than asking "how can I model this?" The better question is "what should I learn to get to the skill level to be able to do this?", and the answer is all the component bits that I mentioned - modeling humans, clothing, soft and hard surfaces, and how to run physics simulations. By the time you're done, it should be mostly obvious what you need to do without the guidance of a tutorial.
Thank you very much for your time, this is really helpful! I will try Max instead, though I have one more question: a friend recommended me Daz studio. Is it a good software for what I want?
Look up michael pavlovich, his character creation series is the best out there
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Learn zBrush. Pic related is a spec ops guy I was working on a while ago in zBrush

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