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I have to create a photorealistic face in maya for my final course project.

What kinda stuff should I watch out for, what should the final product look like and how many polygons must the model contain?

And how do I turn on selection symmetry (when i pick an edge or vertex on one side of the model maya selects the exact one on the opposite side)

Any advice/tips is welcome
>what should the final product look like

a human face

>how many polygons must the model contain

why are you asking that here

>how do I turn on selection symmetry

go to modeling toolkit and under symmetry select object x
Just use ZBrush to do 90% of the work, also when people say 'realistic' they actually mean 'believable', avoid the uncanny valley at all costs.
You should at least google what photorealism is. Its not 'realism'. Its about mostly rendering and looking like on photos. If your teacher specifically asked for photorealism, render him and black and white render and rub it in his uneducated face.
Okay, I'm done with the modeling. Now I need to texture it. How do i do that with minimal frustration?
Your thread is shit.
Yup, shaders and rendering are the most important.
You're the uneducated one for trying to be smug while displaying no understanding of the term "photorealism" in the CG industry.
-uv map it properly
-skin texture
-add hair in the right places
-lip proportion

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